ADLS Language


Safety and welfare for Tutors
1. Tutors have a duty of care to their students. Tutors must maintain a protective environment for their students through appropriate measures in order to prevent harm by known hazards or other factors which may arise.

2. Tutors must:

1. confirm the safety of any equipment;
2. not tutor if they are unwell or suffer from a contagious illness. Accordingly, tutors must advise the parent/caregiver if they cannot attend a session;
3. contact their student’s parent/caregiver and act accordingly if their student becomes unwell or is injured; and
4. understand emergency procedures for evacuation at the lesson location.

Professional behaviour with stakeholders
1. Tutors must treat all people with whom they have contact with courtesy and respect.
2. Tutors should work cooperatively with parents/caregivers in efforts to support the student’s education.