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Welcome to ADLS Arabic (ADLS Language) we are happy you were able to find us on the internet. See our services below, what we are about, and our opening times on Facebook. You are free to contact us at anytime via email, or WhatsApp etc, see the contact page. 

Our Services

Functional Arabic and English language skills, for all ages, Muslim or non-Muslim from scratch to advanced learners.

Basic Key Stage 3/Pre-GCSE Arabic, Pearson GCSE Arabic Foundation Tier, and GCSE Arabic Higher Tier, Quranic Arabic, Arabic Grammar, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Cultures. A’ Level Arabic, and Arabic for University.

Pearson-Edexcel reading, writing, and listening papers marked online. Exam preparation, and mocks covering all themes.

Add Arabic as a skill for your Duke of Edinburgh report, and we shall do the rest. You need to have studied with us for some time.

Support for AQA Religious Studies students studying Islam, Christianity etc. Themes and information.

See if you’re GCSE Arabic ready. Visit the assessment page, or see the pricing page.

We translate various documents on a per-word basis. Our areas of interest cover sustainability, business, and marketing.

Thinking of departing for Egypt, Mauritania, or Jordan? Find out about Arabic preparation program from teachers who have lived in the Middle East and Africa.

Get a session for free, and see how our lessons might suit you.

Mission Statement

Our wider remit is all about well-being, peace, love and understanding. Ultimately it is a mission of sharing for success, in this world for the next.

About ADLS

ADLS Language has officially existed since March 2011. ADLS is a small, independent, Arabic literacy, and language services organisation. Founded in London U.K. via a group of inspired people keen to give back to communities. 

Our Aims

Our day to day activities include but are not limited to; providing community literacy support, and to advance awareness of positive behaviours & lifestyle.

Arabic GCSE Resources London and Egypt
“Thank you for providing great GCSE Arabic lessons for my son...
Muhammad (Student father).
Arabic GCSE Resources London and Egypt
I am just sending you this email to thank you for your support. Olivia got a grade 8...
Ramy (Student father).