ADLS Language


A comparative study covering Islamic, Christian, and Atheistic views.


An online course for beginners to Islamic studies, and Christianity or for those who may have limited knowledge.

Islam and Christianity from a scriptural modern, and traditional perspective. You shall gain knowledge of Islamic and Christian teachings, ethics and opinions of scholars and leaders. 

  • More course details on the AQA site.
  • This course can be customised for Islamic teachings only.

No prior knowledge or experience required. 

• Online accessibility for distance learning.



God and creation.

Belief in angels, heaven and hell, day of judgement, previous revelations, previous Prophets and Prophethood, the grave.

Concepts and terminology in the Quran, and Bible.

Religious practice and observations.

The role of the scripture and the traditions. 

Akhlaaq and morals. 

This course is suitable for teenagers and adults, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. 

• Homeschooling

• Online tuition

This course can be taken generally or towards a GCSE exam.

  • The GCSE R.E. exam with AQA lasts 1-2 years depending on ability, and previous knowledge.

There is currently no follow up course.