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You can start with a free trial lesson, via the trial lesson form, or you can start with an assessment. 

An assessment may be needed for foundation and higher tier GCSE Arabic candidates, unless you can evidence your Arabic language competency.

We have several types of assessments for GCSE Arabic:

  • Tutor based assessments cover general language skills. A tutor based assessment can be customised to focus on a specific area such as reading, speaking, writing or past papers.
  • Tutor-less assessments are similar but without the speaking element. They cover vocabulary, reading, listening, grammar, and general knowledge, and are accessible for 24 hours. Tutor-less assessments are test based and issue a certificate/s.


Yes, we are in the habit of giving free lessons where possible. This is usually the first step to get started. We also give extra lesson time, where there is no following lesson that may clash. Look out for free Quran lessons during the month of Ramadhan or sign up for a free lesson trial. 

Yes, we teach Arabic generally as well as GCSE Arabic for exams. We are currently teaching the new 9-1 Pearson-Edexcel 2017 specification, as we have done with all the previous specifications. 

No, we also do Arabic for business, or leisure. Here is a list of some of the courses we offer:

  • Arabic from scratch, for beginners.
  • Arabic for reading and understanding the Quran.
  • Arabic reading with Medina Arabic, Al Arabiya Bayna Yadayk, Kitaab Al Assasy, Gateway books and others.
  • Arabic speaking, and/or listening.
  • AQA Religious studies (Christianity and Islam). 

We mainly use:

  • Skype / Teams.
  • Zoom.
  • Google meets.
  • In-person at your school (limited).
  • In-person at your home (limited).

Yes, we can accommodate up to two or three individuals, in a lesson. We recommend that if you have two, or more, in a lesson that the lesson be at least 60 minutes in duration.

Yes, if you want online lessons via Skype, Zoom, Google etc. Home tuition is available but limited. 

We offer our services throughout London, the UK, U.A.E, Europe and more.

Self study

Yes, self Study/D-I-Y courses are in development.

With Self Study courses you can:

  • Study whenever you like, without booking a tutor based meeting in advance.
  • Access course materials online, anytime.
  • Refer to your lesson notes anywhere.

You can access courses, and assessments by first registering on the site, and going to your dashboard. If you are new to the self study system it may take a few minutes for the system to get everything ready for you. If ever you cannot access your course try logging out, then log in again, and go to your dashboard.


Yes, we have taught Arabic in a number of secondary schools in London, and outside London. This is usually in the run-up to the GCSE Arabic speaking exams.

Yes, we mark GCSE Arabic mock papers/scripts. We can also give predicted grades based on work submitted. Our GCSE Arabic examiner grades all papers according to mark schemes.

Yes, visiting examiners are available during April of each year, and sometimes May also. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.


Please visit the pricing page for current rates, or get in touch. 

We aim to keep pricing competitive but realistic, to reflect several factors that go into preparing lessons, course creation and design, administrative overheads, seasonal demand, and yearly inflation.

Yes, the monthly discount package applies when you take a minimum of three lessons in one month, paid in advance.

If you are having only one, or two lessons at a time payments will default to Pay As You Go.

We do not normally take payments of more than one month at a time, unless you are making an early payment by a lesson or two.

Payments can be made using a link for:

  • Stripe or PayPal
  • Manual bank transfer 
  • Standing order, or Monthly subscription.
  • BACS transfer (Schools and organizations only)

Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing applies to:

  • One-off assessments, out of package lessons, and similar one-off sessions.

Monthly package deal payments are due the beginning of each month. This applies to:

  • Package payments of 3, 4 or more lessons a month.

Pricing is subject to seasonal change, and inflation.


Yes, we translate various types of documents. Send an email detailing the size of the translation project (word count), any deadlines and confidentiality requirements. 

We prefer documents regarding health, or the environment, but this does not mean we do not take on other jobs such as marketing or website translation. 


If the answer to your question is not found on this page feel free to visit the home page again, or get in touch via the contact page.

The best way to get us is by first using one of the contact forms on the website, or WhatsApp message. This way we have all the information to hand to make for an efficient call/communication. We are often very busy in and out of office. And some calls can last far too long with questions often relating to information already available on the website, so do email us using a form first or WhatsApp. If you would like to speak directly with a tutor, or translator, we can also arrange for this once we have sufficient information about your query.


Thank you for your understanding.