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Last Updated 03/05/2020

The content of this site, adls.co.uk (the “website”), is available to users on the following terms below, whichever way you access the site. Any information or instruction on this website page adls.co.uk/terms-of-service or the website or email form part of the terms of service, conditions and your agreed understanding of the the terms.

“Us”, “We”, “Our” means ADLS Services, ADLS, Arabic Daily.

“User” “Client” “Student” means the person or company who purchases a service.

“Service/s” refer to tuition, lessons, sessions, courses, examiner hire, document translation or other service mentioned on the site pertaining to the Arabic language and any ADLS offers.

The site is the property of ADLS Services. ADLS Services reserves the right to amend or modify the content of this website or terms, without notice. 

Registration & Purchase

Your Registration, Booking and/or Purchase of any service from this site or ADLS Services is  your acceptance to enter into an understanding of our terms. An Application or Enquiry by itself, without confirmation of registration and/or payment shall not form the same understanding. 

Your Responsibilities

You agree to:

– provide us with full and right information for us to deal with you request/booking.

– abide by our terms and updates. You shall be made aware of any updates via email where necessary. 

– respect that the trainer/tutor is engaged to educate and not to complete work on your behalf. 

– tuition being an aid to support learning and that it is not a guarantee of results or high grades. Success is a combination of a number of factors such as motivation, homework, the right amount of lessons and regular attendance.

– abide by the seven (7) hours notice for non-attendance and refunds and seven (7) days notice for permanent cancellations, no exceptions.

Payment Dates

Lesson payments are due on or by the first of each month for monthly advanced paying clients and a day before lesson for Pay As You Go daily/weekly clients. 

Document translation and examiner hire fees shall be invoiced separately

Pricing Tiers

Payments are made either as:

  1. Discounted advanced monthly payments (limited in the amount/quantity per month. Duration limits apply).
  2. Reduced advanced monthly payments.
  3. Pay As You Go – pay by the day/week. 
  4. Delayed Pay As You Go – for deferred payment (schools, councils and the like).

See pricing page or contact us for more information.


You should give notice of at least 7 hours before lesson is due of any potential absence, lesson day cancellation or missing for lesson for any reason. Non-attendance at classes, lessons or sessions does not entitle an automatic refund, rollover, extra tuition or transfer. 


Their shall be a full refund of the whole amount paid if the client changes their mind before starting or receiving a service, on receipt of a cancellation email, at least 7 hours prior to the service due time. 

Their shall be a full refund if a client decides before starting a monthly cycle/course of lessons that they wish to cancel, on receipt of a cancellation email, at least 7 hours prior to the service due time. 

There shall be an immediate refund of the full amount if we are unable to commence your lessons or the service requested.

Permanent Cancellations 

It does not usually happen but; you may cancel by giving us 7 days written notice by email. It will not be sufficient to inform the tutor that you are stopping or cancelling lessons. There are no administrative charges for cancelling, where the required notice is given.

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The information on this site has been included in good faith but it is for general information only and should be used as a guide. It should not be relied upon for any specific purpose unless and except you have a confirmation of such purpose in an email from us.

We have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information on the site, however we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of the information provided.

We do not approve or endorse any information contained in external websites that we link to and accept no liability in connection with their services or information.

We may change these terms if necessary and without notice at any time so seek confirmation when contacting us, on any matter. You should refer to this page or any email communication we have sent you which may update any information or condition on this site or terms page.


For further information about our services, terms and conditions whether relating to consultancy, examiner hire, tuition, speaking engagements or document translation, please contact us and refer to our emails.