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ahlan wa sahlan أهلا وسهلا ومرحبا

Thank you for taking the time to read this our terms of service policy. 

Not everything written here is fixed and we may be flexible on some terms depending on the circumstances. We are here to work with you so please contact us about any terms or conditions, on this page, that you feel may need amending or altering prior to your application, registration or payment. 

The content of this site, (our “website”), is available to users on the following terms below. The content of this website page ‘’ and ‘the emails’ form the terms of service/conditions.

“Us”, “We”, “Our” “Admin” “The Website” shall mean ‘ADLS Language Support, ADLS Arabic.

“User” “You” “Client” “Parent” “Student” shall mean the person or company who purchases a service.

“Service” shall mean tuition, lessons, sessions, 1-2-1 courses, D-I-Y courses, assessments, examiner hire, document translation or other service mentioned on the site pertaining to the Arabic language. As well as any other language services, general support and/or offers.

The site is the property of ADLS Language Support. ADLS Language Support reserves the right to amend or modify the content of this website or terms, with or without notice. 

The terms of service below relate mostly to home tuition, online tutoring/language services and the like. For details of our other services please see our emails.


Your purchase of any service or support from ADLS Arabic is your acceptance to enter into an understanding of our terms as documented here under. An application, registration, booking or enquiry by itself without confirmation and/or payment shall not form the same understanding.


For detailed information on our translation terms of service please click here to visit the page.


The Arabic speaking Teacher/Examiner is available for hire on the following basis:

  • Agreed upon date/s
  • Agreed upon fee/s
  • Finance department contact, for invoice
  • Payment of invoices within 30 days, if not sooner
  • Any other conditions mentioned within email communication 


Payments are made either as:

  1. Discounted payments – (seasonal offers).
  2. Reduced advanced monthly payments – (majority of payments made via this method).
  3. Pay As You Go – pay by the day or weekly – (second most used method of payment).  
  4. Delayed Pay As You Go – (deferred payment for schools, councils and organisations).


  • Duration for these meetings shall be 30 minutes maximum, unless the tutor extends it. 
  • These are one-off sessions, unless it is part of an agreed extra lesson. 
  • Rollovers shall not apply to free sessions, unless otherwise arranged.  
  • Trial lessons are usually held over Skype unless otherwise arranged.
  • Trial lessons shall not include a report. Only pre-booked assessments come with a report.
  • Please keep to the instruction in our email to avoid disappointment.
  • Slots are limited and subject to availability. 


There are three payment subscriptions for online DIY lessons:

  1. Weekly
  2. Monthly
  3. Yearly or Biennial


You agree to:

– provide us with the full and correct information, within any application or registration form or email, for us to process your request/booking promptly. 

– read and abide by our terms and updates. You shall be made aware of any updates via email where necessary. 

– respect that the instructors are engaged to educate and not to complete work on a students behalf. Tutors are not to make arrangements with clients outside of what is agreed by the ADLS administration/staff, nor to take part in any activity or conversation that is discriminatory or unlawful. 

– accept that tuition is an aid to support learning and is not a guarantee of any expectation or particular grade. Success is a combination of a number of factors such as the right motivation inside and outside of lessons, completion of all homework tasks, consistent work on the language, the right amount of lessons and regular attendance. 

– abide by the payment deadlines and any other deadline mentioned within emails. 

– abide by the seven (7) hours notice for non-attendance/absence and seven (7) days notice for permanent cancellations. 


Advanced monthly payments shall be due between the first (1st) and third (3rd) of each month, in order to continue to benefit from the reduced monthly rate.  

All Pay As You Go (PAYG) payments are due on or before the day of the lesson. Depending on whether your lesson takes place in the morning or evening. Refer to any ADLS email communication for clarification. 


You should give written email notice of at least 7 hours before a lesson is due, for any and all potential absence or cancellation. Non-attendance of a meeting, lesson or session, without notice, does not entitle an automatic refund, rollover, make up lesson or transfer. The tutor shall be free to cancel a lesson after fifteen minutes (15) of a no-show. 


There shall be a full refund of the whole amount paid if the client changes their mind before accessing a service, and on receipt of a cancellation email, at least 7 hours prior to the service due time, and where a service has not been rolled over or cancelled due to client error. 

There shall be an automatic refund for the full amount paid if we are unable to commence your lesson/s or the service requested, and you wish to cancel.

Accessing an ADLS service shall mean online via our Skype, Zoom or other platform used for the purpose of delivering lessons. And for home lessons the day of the lesson.  

Refunds for any other circumstance shall be on an individual basis, and at our discretion. Refunds in such circumstances are in part or whole.


It does not usually happen but if you need to; you may cancel by giving us 7 days written notice by email. It will not be sufficient to tell the tutor alone that you are stopping or cancelling lessons. There are no administrative charges for cancelling, where the required notice is given.


In line with the GDPR Regulations, we are making you aware that in order to proceed with your request/and or contact form, we will need to contact you via email, Skype, telephone and/or text message. By submitting your form information, you are agreeing to ADLS Language Support holding your details in order to enable us to contact you with potential support regarding your enquiry and/or request. Details of our Privacy Notice and GDPR Policy can be found via the link below.


For further information about our services, whether relating to consultancy, examiner hire, tuition, speaking engagements or document translation, please contact us via email or see the FAQs and Services pages. 


And that’s it. We hope you appreciate us informing you in advance by way of this information.

Good luck with your applications, assessments, and/or studies.

ADLS Language Support

Latest update 05/05/2022 - payment due date (payment window) extended to cover between the 1st and 3rd of each month.

Previous update 10/10/2021 - no changes to terms, only cosmetic (Font, spelling, removal of page links at the bottom of this page etc).

Previous update 02/12/2020