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Competitive pricing for the long term, without losing quality.

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Affordable lesson pricing for your short and long term language goals. The average online lesson price is £13.50 per 45 minutes. Pay As You Go, or pay monthly for your lessons.

One Offs / PAYG


1-2 Lessons Pay As You Go (PAYG)

*Based on 1 x £15.50 /45 mins

Most Popular Package


4-8 Lessons Advance Reduced Pay

*Based on 4 x £13.50 /45mins

Longer Lessons


4-8 Lessons Advance Reduced Pay

*Based on 4 x £17.50 /75mins


If you have other specific pricing questions, that you do not see here, get in touch. Pricing is subject to seasonal change, and inflation.

Regular Arabic lessons and Quran lessons are available for you to enrol on at anytime during the year.

GCSE Arabic enrolment dates are usually between August and September, although late enrolment is possible.

Lessons mostly take place at anytime. Our office administration hours are from 9am-8pm U.K. Most lessons take place between these times, but tutors often work outside of these hours. Let us know what time suits you. 

Students will usually take one or two lessons per week. If you sign up via the site you shall receive two lessons per week for the price of one. All lessons are to be completed within the period that your payment applies to.

Most students take 45, or 60 minute lessons, but it is also possible to have 30, 75, or 90 minute durations.

Prior to GCSE Arabic exam dates students often increase their lessons to 90 minutes, or double their weekly lessons. 

Quran lessons are sometimes free, but mostly lessons start from £13.50/45 minutes for up to 2 in a lesson. Lesson duration may differ for home tuition.

Arabic assessments are usually used to see whether you are suited to GCSE Arabic foundation or higher tier. They can also be used for general Arabic assessments/non-GCSE. We do several types of assessments including tutor based, or self assessment.

A tutor based assessment is a one-off, 1-to-1 session lasting: 

  • 45 minutes @£15.50, 
  • or 60 minutes @£17.50. 

The tutor-less self assessments:

  • can be taken at anytime without making a booking.
  • have 24 hours access to compete it. Tutor-less assessments.
  • are cheaper than 1-2-1 assessments.

Most Pay As You Go (PAYG) and monthly payments are made via PayPal, or Stripe. Accepted methods of payment include:

  • Automatic standing order, or monthly subscription (Recommended).
  • Manual bank transfers.
  • BACS transfer (Schools and organisations only).
A payment link or bank details shall be sent to you.