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GCSE Arabic Mock Paper Marking. Schools and Private Clients.

Mock Paper Marking

If you have a student or students who are preparing for the GCSE Arabic exam and need someone to mark the work, or attend a school then perhaps we can help.


We mark all papers that are geared towards the Pearson-Edexcel Speaking paper, Listening paper, reading and writing papers. Our GCSE Arabic teacher regularly marks work sent by schools and parents. So if you have scripts that need marking or audios that need reviewing just send them to us


We can mark, create reports and predict grades or suggest a tier. We follow strictly defined grade schemes, or you can send us one. We use the current specification schemes, and our experience to do this.


We are often able to pick up scripts, from your school location, and deliver them back to you or alternatively you can send them via email. We work to deadlines so don’t worry about the scripts coming back late.


Return deadlines:

1 – 5 days. £15.50 per paper.

6 – 9 days. £14.50 per paper.

10 + days. £13.50 per paper.

Speaking mocks £15.50 /45 minutes, and £17.50 / 60 minutes.

Shorter deadlines are charged higher than longer deadlines. 


What we offer:

  • Marking of Mock Papers (mainly listening, reading and writing).
  • Mock speaking sessions, online or in school.
  • Preparation Lessons Prior to Exam, Online or in School.
  • School Visits between mid-March and mid-May for Unit 2.
  • We can tell you how ready your students are and give a predicted grade.
  • A report with marked work. 
  • Collection and delivery of scripts.
  • Work marked to deadlines.
  • Contacts of schools we have worked with. We have a list of many schools that we have visited to support them in GCSE Arabic preparation.
  • The teacher-examiner is equipped with the necessary materials.