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Access your Arabic course online anytime. Assessments, short courses, and longer courses.

On Demand Learning

Wherever you are. The self study Arabic programme allows anyone, wanting to learn Arabic, the ability to be able to learn in their own time. As long as you have access to the internet you can follow the tutor instructions, then you can study at anytime and anywhere.

No bulky books. There are plenty of books on the market, some do not end up being fully used. So instead of extra weight in your bags you are able to interact with online study materials, how light is that? The platform can be easily updated, so no need to worry about it being out of date like book editions.  

Dedicated site. The site contains a lot of the materials you will need for your Arabic studies, including GCSE. The site is organised around topics, themes, and skills.

Resourceful. The self study site contains guidance, tips, knowledge, and content to help understand the specification, and plenty of step by step recorded tutorials, images and pdfs. 

Course types. There are basic courses, as well as more intermediate lessons. You may need to start with an assessment first, before starting any of the foundation, or higher course. 

Duration. Assessments are available, and are completed in a short space of time. Courses are taken on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

How to start. Visit the self study site or contact us for more details.