ADLS Language


English literacy class for basic learners to intermediate ability. 

Course Overview

Learn basic to intermediate level English online or in person. Gain confidence in speaking, or another language skill. Develop reading ability, or your speaking level using any text book, or magazine of your choice.

There is no prior knowledge, or experience required. You may need:

• Internet connection.

• A device, such as a laptop, or tablet.

Lessons cover:

  • Alphabets and vowels
  • Pronunciation, sounds and accent
  • Reading and speed reading
  • Writing practice development 
  • Speaking and conversation
  • Vocabulary builder 
  • Grammar concepts 
  • Listening and responding 

This course is suitable for children, teenagers and adults, whether beginners or rusty readers. Open to native and non-native speakers. It is also suitable for:

• Online tuition

• Home tuition (limited)

This course usually lasts 9 months, but can be shortened or extended depending on your level, and desire to learn more.

You are free to start the course whenever you like, for as long as you like. 

Learning never stops, and what better way to keep learning than to improve language. 

There are follow up reading courses if you are interested.  

Available courses : 

  • GCSE English
  • A’ Level English