ADLS Language


This Tutor Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behaviour required of all tutors.

1. All tutors must consistently, and without exception, behave in an appropriate manner suitable for the parents/caregivers and students with whom they are working.

2. Tutors must:

1. act as a role model for their students;
2. engage and interact with students during lessons to the best of their ability;
3. encourage and support students’ educational progress;
4. employ language and appropriate topics of conversation;
5. treat all stakeholders, including parents/caregivers, students, fellow tutors and teachers, with courtesy and respect;
6. understand and cater for any particular needs of their students; and
7. restrict all interactions to a professional relationship with any parent/caregiver, student or tutor.

3. Tutors must not:

1. employ physical contact with any stakeholder unless it is necessary;
2. interact with a student in a location devoid of any visual contact by other adults unless it is necessary;
3. maintain a social relationship with their students beyond lessons;
4. make discriminatory or sexual comments or use inappropriate language in the presence of, the student;
5. smoke, use or be under the influence of tobacco, alcohol or drugs in the presence of the student.