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Rollover lessons are changing

The rollover lessons are changing.

This is to inform everyone that our rollover arrangement for missed lessons is changing. We are making these changes due to the awkward nature of rollovers. Previously you were able to rollover lessons to the next month, in a package block of lessons, but:

  • this meant that sometimes there could be two or more rollovers which would mean that the package arrangement did not make sense, or live up to it’s intended purpose.

In a package block of lessons the minimum you could take for a month was 3 lessons or more.

  • If you factored in rollovers it would render the package deal redundant for that month, or even the next couple of months. It also meant that payments that should have been due by the 3rd of each month were occasionally missed because some clients would withhold payment until missed lessons were cleared.

This is in fact a breach of our payment arrangements for the package lessons, so to avoid certain issues we have decided to change the rollover arrangement. Details of the new arrangement can be seen in our updated terms and conditions, via the link at the bottom of the website.

Thank you for your understanding.

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