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Language Hours Target

Language hours targets for the year what does it look like?

If there are not too many missed lessons and you do don’t take too many hours off per year for holidays then you should be able to hit around 90 hours of study per year. This works out to around 10 hours, or 10 lessons per month, minimum, over 9 months. This is hours that you engage with the language, and not necessarily tutored, 1-2-1, lessons. Ideally 100 language hours per year would be better (8 hours per month consistently for 12 months or more per month).

So if you are taking 1 lesson per week (4 lessons per month) that works out to 36 hours over 9 months if you are not doing homework. And if you do the same over two years it would total 72 hours (36+36 hours). This will obviously mean you will take a longer time to reach hours of engagement targets.