Level Evaluation



Assessments can be used for GCSE and Pre-GCSE Arabic as well as Quranic Arabic Lessons. An assessment is not always essential. Some students are able to start lessons without an assessment.

Assessments are time-limited. If you do not complete your answers in time you will lose all your answers and may have to redo the assessment on another day. The timer shall show and remind you of your remaining time. You are allowed one assessment per payment.

You may wish to have a piece of paper or note pad to write out an answer first, to see how it looks before submitting your answer.

Do not start unless ready and unless you have the required time to complete it in one go.

Make sure you check your answers before moving to the next section if you have time.

For more info feel free to contact us.

Assessment Processing 

  1. Free Arabic Assessment circa 10-15 minutes.
  2. Free Quran Assessment circa 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Pre-GCSE / Key Stage 3 Arabic Assessment is based on a circa 45 / 60-minute lesson.  
  4. GCSE, A’ Level and University level Arabic Assessment is based on a circa 45 / 60-minute lesson.  

Assessments are a good way to allow the tutor to get a little idea about the student’s level. They can be used to identify specific areas for improvement whether reading, listening, writing or speaking and to get an idea about how much improvement is needed. They are also used as a way of introducing the student to the tutor and vice versa.