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GCSE Arabic Exams Summer 2020

Exam Postponement / cancellation

Re: GCSE Arabic Exam 2020 Postponement

(Note this information was previously posted on our Facebook page in March. It is posted here for reference only).
Dear Colleagues and Parents,
this is a quick update to inform you that due to the ongoing public health concerns all speaking and/or reading, listening and writing exams may have to be rescheduled, we cannot therefore guarantee the availability of a speaking examiner for the time being.
Teachers are reluctant to travel to homes or centres at this time so until further notice or update we shall be scaling back some of our services.
It is not known how long the current uncertainty shall last but we recommend that you do not slack on your studies or revision. There is also a potential lockdown in London by the government, which may curtail movement around town.
Do note that all online lessons offered by Arabic Daily are not affected and we shall be continuing with remote, online lessons via Skype, Zoom or Google hangouts in preparation for next years exams.
All home tuition shall be cancelled henceforth. We understand your frustrations but certain measures must be taken to protect you, your loved ones, us and our families.
****Pearson-Edexcel has released a statement on their website that the GCSE exams will not be held in May and June of this year. We understand this will include the speaking paper also and that the exam may be deferred until a later date in the year.
Do remember to:
• self isolate where necessary.
• essential travel only advised.
• understand what to look out for.
• try to remain calm and hopeful.
• do not block up the emergency lines with minor irritations.
We wish you all the utmost safety in these unprecedented times.

Kind Regards