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Tutoring vs a driving job

Tutoring vs a driving job, he pros and cons

This is an observation of someone who opted for tutoring over a delivery job.

So this is what the result, of the observation, looks like:

A driving job will perhaps earn you more money a day? Depends on if you’re paying for the van, and or fuel out of your earnings. So after you minus those expenses, you have to minus for parking tickets, or even a speeding fine, or police stopping you for an issue with the van, which could also get you a fine, and or points.

But at least with driving you get to meet and greet many people in a day, that’s if you don’t get upset by this customer or that, and as long as you keep your calm, so as not to get road rage.

As for tutoring the people you meet are online but you still get to chat with them. The earnings maybe a little or a lot less than driving but at the other end, if you’re an established tutor with a good client base then the weekly tutor earnings equals, or even betters what you earn driving.

Also delivery work is very taxing physically but it is also good exercise.

Each to their own, people may do what they do and prefer one over the other for other reasons.