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The GCSE Arabic Learner

What does the GCSE Arabic learner need to know?

Whether you are taking the exam in 2024 or any year thereafter, you need to be aware of underestimating the GCSE.

There are students who because they have studied Quranic Arabic, or because they have been selected by their school, may not be ready. The GCSE Arabic will not be testing your Quranic Arabic skills unfortunately, so no questions on ‘Qalqala’ ‘Qatbujad’. Although the GCSE Arabic is doable it is still needs a lot of preparation before you can attempt Foundation or Higher Tier GCSE Language exams.

The GCSE Arabic Learner

To be eligible to start GCSE you should really be assessed before you are entered so as to avoid disappointment. Many students would like to get a grade 9 at higher tier but do not take enough time or use the right techniques in order to have a good chance.

The other reason why some might not do too well is because they are using general Arabic tutors who may be new to the subject. The GCSE Arabic is not about taking a couple past papers, or using random tutors, it is a specialised course.

There is more to know but it’s better explained in a meeting. Want to know how we can help? You know what to do.

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