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The Best GCSE Arabic Teachers?

Who are the best GCSE Arabic teachers?

The best GCSE Arabic teachers are:

  • Those who have several years of experience, with both specifications and in particular the current spec.
  • Those who have inside knowledge of how the GCSE Arabic works.
  • Not those who just advertise Arabic courses in general as the GCSE Arabic reuires particular advise and tips.
  • Not those who advertise themselves as native Arabic speakers, the language of the GCSE is a little different to that of local or regional Arabic.
  • Not those who specialism may only be Quranic Arabic.
  • Not those who have speech impedimanets with several letters that affect pronunciation.

So be careful of Arabic course sites that have numerous tutors that may not in fact do this on a daily basis and who are only doing it as a side job.