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She was robbed

She was robbed of her mobile phone by two bikers.

As we happily attend to our daily responsibilities in a lawful manner, we often forget about those who go about their daily activities in an unlawful manner. Of course, we are not expecting something criminal to happen because we are not thinking about crime or harming someone.

Last night, 30th September 2021, whilst standing at a bus stop waiting to go home, a friend of ours had her mobile phone snatched by two bikers. This is not an unfamiliar event apparently. Just the previous day I myself whilst watching a random video on social media, saw the exact same thing happen to another woman.

During this current time when so many people have had their income affected by the pandemic the last thing you want to happen is to have your valuables snatched, whether in public or at home. Fortunately, the phone was backed up and she was not seriously harmed. A minor loss for her but a major loss for criminals who make it their daily goal to steal and covet what others have, even to the point of causing people harm and distress.

We pray that everyone stays safe and vigilant. May Allah grant us increased patience and foresight, ameen.