ADLS Language

How to Make Payments

Schools, organisations.

  • For all School/BACS/Cheque, translation or interpretation payments please email us with information. A separate payment arrangement may be required.

Lessons at home & online.

  • Banking App/Bank transfer (like Natwest) on your smartphone you can use the payment section under ‘Pay your contacts’, or according to your bank’s version. Just enter the phone number and amount for the person you wish to pay. You will need to add our number to your contacts, available on the contact page. This option is used by many for all monthly, daily and weekly payments.
  • Cash payments at your local bank branch, Monday to Friday.
  • Standing order monthly payments from your bank, for payments on the first of every month. Standing order form available from your bank. Maximum of four payments per month only.
  • If you have another way to make payment that works for you then that’s fine too, just let us know first.

Please note lessons will not usually be given until payment is processed into account.

Click Here – Lesson and registration pricing