ADLS Language


Most of our lessons require payment because of the type of lesson, such as regular Arabic sessions, KS3, GCSE, A’ level etc or because of the travel distance, if lessons are at your home.

Mostly we charge for services because it is our living, whether a tutor does it part-time or full-time and as such it necessitates ongoing expenses and overheads. A lot of people do not see the work and effort that goes into preparation behind the scenes such as education, professional development or lesson and course planning.

On occasion, we may offer free lessons either because the tutor sees fit to do so or because of a particular offer that we are advertising or by way of an Arabic literacy project or workshop etc.

The type of tuition service that we provide is as important and valuable to us as it is to a lot of parents and students. We would not want to lessen the value of the service provided by giving away too many lessons for free or by over cheapening the cost of our services.

We hope that you understand.