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The Cost of Tuition

Fair pricing

Our tuition rates are in line with fairest fees and are competitively priced. In some cases our rates are much cheaper than many tutoring providers and agencies. We should really charge more but we try to keep it fair for us and especially for those who need tutoring over several years.

Fees are often subject to review on a yearly basis, but these changes are minimal. We rarely advertise exact fees, for all services and lessons, due to the details and varying individual circumstances, that would necessitate regular website adjustments. Where prices are advertised they are shown as a guide only. The best way to find out about the exact price, applicable to your circumstance, is via email or a phone call.

Fees reflect a number of factors some of which are mentioned hereunder.

Some of the factors & costs of tutoring

– The financial overheads of running a business:

  • HMRC taxes.
  • Business banking.
  • Website hosting and running costs.
  • Associated bills, phoneline, devices etc.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Office premises and rates.
  • Purchase of stock and equipment.
  • RPI/Inflation.
  • Etc

– Apart from the financial overheads, there are also matters related to behind the scene preparation, such as:

  • Administration and general management.
  • Responding to emails, messages and calls.
  • Scheduling appointments for various clients.
  • Maintenance and updating of websites.
  • Designing resources, handouts and flyers.
  • Market research.
  • Printing and filing.
  • Etc

– Last but not least the tutor/s:

  • Tutor time, performance and effort,
  • Tutor’s knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Tutor’s inventiveness and originality.
  • Preparing lesson plans, tests and marking homework.
  • Travel time and costs (where applicable).
  • Putting aside for a rainy day, sickness and a pension.
  • Etc