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Can I get a GCSE Qualification in Arabic?

If you are wondering ‘can I get a GCSE ‘qualification’ in Arabic then the answer is yes, why not?

If you have followed these steps then getting a GCSE qualification in Arabic should be as straight forward as getting a GCSE in any other language or subject.

1. Decide how prepared you are now and how long it will take you to top up on your knowledge and Arabic skills, you may need the advice of a tutor for this.

2. Decide which year you would like to sit the exam and ask yourself, or a tutor, will you be able to cover all the relevant topics and themes within the time remaining until exams?

3. Check to see what resources and materials you currently have at home or access to. Check things like access to an Arabic dictionary or dictionaries, whether you have a suitable coursebook for the level you wish to sit. Some textbooks may be better suited to foundation tier than higher tier.

4. Ask yourself are you able to study alone or do you need to join a group or take one to one online lessons etc? This may serve as a book up or your main source of learning.

5. And finally once you have done all of the above; study every week. Each of the skills should be allocated a time for regular practice. Everyone has different motivations that drive them, despite any difficulties or obstacles, so you need to know what are your driving forces, sometimes just aiming for a qualification may not be enough. You need to really get to grips with Arabic.

The above is not an exhaustive list and you may be able to get extra tip and answers from our online Arabic tutoring sessions. We cover Arabic for leisure as well as for exam qualifications.

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