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So the question was asked… are Middle Eastern Arabs and Iranians white?

One thing to remember with a question such as this is that whatever the outcome or your view of Arabs and Iranians colour and nationality are not a criteria for superiority. There is no legitimate justification for looking down on someone who is non Arab or Iranian based on skin colour the same way that being British, American or Chinese have no intrinsic or God given superiority.

To the question. Iranians, as a whole, appear whiter in colour than many Arabs but there are Arabs such as Syrians who appear paler than Southern or African Arabs. This may be due in part to the Ottoman expansions that lasted several hundred years, penetrating much of the region. Ancient Arabs and Semitic people are closer to Africans.

With such worrying and abnormal trends such as skin bleaching many may appear to be what they are not.

Some may also juxtapose European or American white with Middle Eastern or Far Eastern white and find differing views there too. Whatever your opinion much of this matters not in the wider scheme of humanity and our responsibilities towards each-other, as fellow human beings.

Middle Eastern Arabs and Iranians may or may not be white but it’s not a matter of superiority.

Islam has highlighted in several places that the only criteria for anyone, of the human race, being superior is in your duty towards the Creator and His creation, which translates into your own actions and behaviour, in a word ‘TAQWA’.