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if you don’t start with the most difficult concepts in grammar or any grammar-based lessons at all.

if when dealing with grammar you find it difficult be ever so patient.

if you attempt to master the Arabic letters and their sounds with vowels.

if you work on any speech impediments, major ones you will have to live with.

if you allocate time to study and develop that habit.

if you revise the lessons that you have learnt on a regular basis or even a daily basis.

if you don’t have a defeatist mindset but find inspirations to continue.

if you don’t try to study too many things at one time but pace yourself.

if you make Arabic a long term study no matter the hurdles.

if you have ticked each one of the above then you stand a much better chance of succeeding with the Arabic language.

Share with anyone you know studying or wanting to study Arabic and remember many people have studied and are studying Arabic successfully you can too.

Happy Studying

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Arabic can be easy