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ADLS Arabic Ten Years Anniversary

ADLS Arabic ten years anniversary

ADLS Arabic ten years anniversary

We are officially 10 years old. From March 2011 until now we have been offering Arabic tuition in basic to advanced levels as well as GCSE Arabic examiner and translation services.

We thank all our current students, parents, teachers, clients and anyone else working with us to make this possible. If it were not for your emails, calls and messages we would not still be here 10 years later. We hope to continue to offer you more improved services and customer care in the future.

We thank everyone who has emailed us in the past, everyone who has said kind words about our services and even not so kind words it has all helped us to improve. We are not perfect but we continue to change the way we operate all the time so any criticism, advice or kind words are always welcome.

Offering Arabic services is something we shall continue to do as we love the language and also love learning new things about the business of tuition and offering courses. You don’t know how much the hateful, nonfactual and misleading comments or time-wasting emails have helped us so much to get to this stage, thank you.

We are currently in GCSE Arabic season and although there are no official exams this year we are still operating a remote speaking examiner for school assessment of GCSE Arabic candidates, as well as our other regular services.

We are still not offering home tuition services at the moment until things change but do drop us a message if you are interested in lessons or any of our other services or even to say happy anniversary.

Watch this space for more of the same and possible new developments.

From all of us at ADLS Arabic tuition services.

Thank you

ADLS Arabic ten years anniversary