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Sutton Quran Tutor

Sutton Quran Tutor

Rose Hill and Green Lane Sutton Quran tutor. Available for Home Tuition and Online Classes. Adults, Teenagers, and Children over Seven.

Sutton Quran Tutor

How Easy is Quran Reading?

There are a number of factors that make reading Quran easy, but generally speaking it easy to learn and memorise.

Can I Learn the Quran in English?

You can gain a simple understanding of the Quran from the translation but the Quran is in Arabic.

Do I need to Learn Arabic to Read the Quran?

Yes, you need to be able to recognise, articulate, and understand basic Arabic and Tajweed rules of pronunciation.

What Gender is the Sutton Quran Tutor?

For home tuition to a household where a male adult is not present you shall have a female Sutton Quran tutor, otherwise you will have a male tutor.

Can I Take A GCSE Arabic If I Can Read Quran?

Not really, and neither should school teachers be entering students for higher, or foundation tier, exams. The GCSE Arabic exam tests not only reading, but listening, writing, and speaking skills. Only advanced Quran studies takes in these other skills.

Can I Finish the Quran in the Month of Ramadhan?

If you already read the Quran then you should already be completing the Quran in the month of Ramadhan, at least once.

Is Reading The Quran in English Enough?

No, it needs to be read in Arabic. Reading in English, or another language will suffice for quick translations but secondary languages will never do the original justice.

How Do I Contact The Sutton Quran Tutor?

See details below. We prefer a Whats App message or email in the first instance as we are often busy with lessons.

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