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Arabic Translator HA

Arabic Translator HA

Professional translation is not just finding equivalent words and sentences in Google Translate. Professional Translation is the transfer of meaning, thought or culture, using appropriate terms, grammar and tools, from source to target language.

I specialise in technical and general Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation with over 10 years experience working in several Arabic language positions. I have lived and studied in the Middle East, 2001-2005.

I have researched and worked in various fields requiring use of Arabic language skills such as:

– Translation process, methodology, risk management and practice.
– Interpreter for the Metropolitan Police.
– Visiting External Examiner (Pearson-Edexcel GCSE Arabic Speaking).
– School Teacher (UK Secondary Schools) and Online Tutor (GCSE and A’ Level Arabic).

I’m a native English speaker with a passion for all things Arabic language and translation, whether literary, religious, social science/cultural, research, marketing etc. I have visited, lived and studied in several Arabic speaking environments for several years where I gained awareness and understanding of several dialects, Syrian, Sudanese, Gulf and Egyptian. I have also experienced Arabic in other countries, and languages, such as Swahili in Tanzania and Zambia.

CAT Tools I use:
– SmartCat
– Omega T
– Memosource

I am of service to a translation agency, or private clients, who have translation project requirements in Arabic MSA or Classical.

I am also available for:
– General Translation of files, brochures, manuals, marketing materials and more.
– Interpretation.
– Proofreading.
– Subtitling.
– Editing.
– Transcription.
– Copywriting.
– Entry level projects and jobs.

My other abilities include, but are not limited to:

– Microsoft Word and Excel.
– Google Docs and Sheets.
– Content Management System (CMS).
– CAT tools.
– Specialist Arabic Dictionaries.
– Certificate in Customer Service.
– Appreciation of various cultures.
– Willingness to Learn.