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If you have completed a GCSE in Arabic or you have an equivalent qualification or level of study then you may be ready for A Level Arabic. To enrol on our program do send us as much information as possible, detailing your previous study to see whether we would need to give you an assessment or not.

Include information such as:

The year or date you are intending on taking the exam.

Background study and textbooks completed or currently reading.

Any specific area you wish to focus on or whether the study approach is general according to the A level Arabic study syllabus.

Once we have all the information that we require and you have completed the enrollment process then you shall be booked for your first slot. We urge everyone who is enrolling on any of our programs of Arabic study to connect with us via the various links that we provide as early as possible so as to avoid late slot starts. This is so that the tutor does not go overtime, as there may be other students waiting at the end of your slot, which means the tutor may often have to finish on time. Of course, if the tutor does not have another slot afterwards then it is left to individual tutor discretion whether they add freely to your time or not.

Our registration process for this course of study is not different from our other study programs but we reiterate it here for added clarification, as some may need it.

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