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Welcome to tuition with ADLS

Ahlan wa Sahlan to you all and welcome to learning with Arabic Daily Language Support (aka
Arabic Daily Online or just Arabic Daily).

As a service provider, we have met and tutored many students over the years and have had many experiences which have brought about our terms of service and notices. These guidelines are to help and remind parents, students and tutors, if ever they need to refer back to them.

If you are returning to tuition with us after a short break please take a moment to read
this information as some things may have changed since you last took lessons. It is the
responsibility of everyone using Arabic Daily to familiarise themselves with matters such as
payment due date.

Please note that due to the number of emails, texts and calls that we receive we are
unable to keep or store all unanswered emails or messages. Therefore messages and emails
deemed old or unanswered will usually be deleted from our no response folder. This means that if you do email again after a long time we may not have your details on file/in our system and any future
correspondence by you will need to be done again, from scratch. This may also be the case if
you were formerly a student in previous years.

As a provider of language education, serving the needs of a variety of people, we operate
a non-discriminatory policy. This means that regardless of nationality, colour, gender, non-
religious or religious persuasion/denomination this service is open to all. We do not accept
physical or verbal abuse or threats, nor mockery, towards people’s faiths, nationalities or
towards tutors, whilst in or outside of any of the tuition locations. We do not accept or
tolerate acts or threats of terrorism or violence and any suggestion of such behaviour shall
disqualify a person from any further tuition, interaction or service and/or they shall be

Whilst most private tuition is conducted on a one-to-one basis, couples and groups can
usually be accommodated. If you would like tuition but we are not able to offer you an
immediate tuition slot, due to being over-subscribed or other reason, we may be able to
contact you as soon as a slot becomes available or you can follow our Twitter feed for

For services such as Translation, Interpretation, Visiting Examiner Service, Public
Speaker and Arabic Lessons at your School please use our contact email or call us.

What we offer:

Arabic Daily offers a range of language-related services, including language learning
and tuition.
 Basic beginners Arabic or Arabic from Scratch.
 Intermediate and GCSE Arabic (with or without the exam).
 Advanced Arabic and AS/A’ Level (with or without exam).
 Arabic Grammar.
 Qur’anic Arabic to all levels (plus Hifdh and Tajweed rules).
 Islam and Alkhlaaq lessons tackling social topics.
 Document Translation.
 Public Speaking.

The tuition lessons are usually offered either at home, work or online via Skype or mobile
device and cover reading, writing, listening and speaking, every day of the week and
weekends except where mentioned.