Freelance Translations

Arabic document translation services for your books, essays, articles, reports, letters, notices, certificates, contracts, company documents, passports, legal and medical documents. Arabic to English or English to Arabic translations to your deadlines. No project too small or too big.

Literacy Programmes

There are many Muslims who cannot read the Quran in the language that it was revealed in. So much benefit is derived from being able to read the Quran, and similar material, in the actual Arabic. We provide free and paid programmes to support Quranic Arabic illiteracy. In addition, we help with English language literacy where needed. We have helped Arabs and non-Arabs with English and Arabic literacy.

English Literacy 

Yes, we do English language lessons too. Literacy is the ability to read, write, listen and speak in a way that lets people communicate effectively and make sense of the world. There are apparently many people worldwide who still cannot read or write. There are still substantial challenges in reducing illiteracy worldwide, we support literacy development in some of the worlds most affected areas. 

Arabic Lessons and Tuition

Personalised, private, General Arabic language, Quranic Arabic, Pre-GCSE and GCSE Arabic sessions throughout the year on a one-to-one or group basis. From basics to optional exam preparation. We offer 45, 60 and 90-minute sessions as well as full one-day intensive and crash course packages to suit your level. Reading only sessions or employ all the four skills during lessons. Online and home tuition.

Religious and Social Studies 

Islamic lessons, Akhlaaqi topics and social studies. Discussions on the importance of Islam, religion and having a humane religious character. Covering atheistic, agnostic and secular views and responses. Suitable for the religious and non-religious, Muslims and non-Muslims.

GCSE Arabic Visiting Examiner

Visiting examiner to schools London wide for the Pearson-Edexcel, unit 2, Arabic speaking paper, mocks and pre-exam lessons. We offer a marking service for all the Arabic papers as well as advice on preparation for GCSE Arabic and support.

Anti Extremism Visiting Speaker

We can supply a speaker to talk on issues of concern at schools. The topics we cover include but are not limited to: Transnational extremism and radical influences (Whether so-called Islamist, right-wing or other), knife crime, racism, bullying and the behaviour of hatred, drugs and substance abuse.

Arabic Education Consultancy

Information and advice on various aspects of Arabic education, tutoring and the Arabic language. We are a multi-service language education provider here to support those Arabic language needs. We are open to discussions and talks of all kinds pertaining to Arabic. We are also available for hire consulting.

Transcription Typing Service

Transcription projects and files of all types and sizes considered. Accurate, near accurate and on time transcript service available, Arabic to English and English to English. We offer verbatim and clean verbatim language transcriptions.