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Options GCSE Arabic 2020

GCSE and A-level grades to be awarded based on teacher assessments

Options GCSE Arabic 2020

The Government said it is aiming for the calculated grades – which will also take into account their previous achievements – to be awarded to pupils in England by the end of July.

This will be combined with information from “other relevant data”, such as pupils’ previous attainment, to calculate their grades.

The calculated grades will be “a best assessment” of the work students have put in, the Government said.

A-level and GCSE grades are usually published in mid-August.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said these are ‘extraordinary times’.

Options open to students

  • Accept grades from teacher assessments
  • Appeal against calculated grades
  • Sit an exam early in the next academic year
  • Take exams in summer 2021

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