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Why does Your Arabic Friend textbook not get more reads? Is it because it has more pages than the GCSE Arabic companion textbook or is it because it is more detailed or is it because it has no vowels?

The GCSE Arabic exam does not use vowel markings (تشكيل/حركات).

More detail means more vocabulary and an increased word count. If learning Arabic is the aim then knowing as many different words as possible should be the aim, even if a book has more words than you would like.

About 70% of our students use the Arabic Companion series of books, for GCSE. The remainder of learners use a variety of other texts and resources. Your Arabic friend is a little more challenging but no pain no gain as the saying goes. This is not to say that the Arabic Companion book is super easy, students will also come across challenges reading and understanding vocabulary and concepts in this textbook also.

Your Arabic Friend
Your Arabic Friend

If you feel this textbook would be a little too much reading and understanding then there are plenty of other options on the market. But if you want the maximum amount of reading then add this to your reading list.

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