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Verb he raised
verb he raised
Verb He Raised

ADLS Arabic offers online Arabic tutoring in various fields of the Arabic language, including grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Although we do not teach the multiple colloquial dialects we are in a position to be able to offer tuition in Modern Standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic, as this is our main focus and what most students ask for. With years of tutoring, we are best placed to deliver online Arabic tutoring wherever you are and at a level you can manage. This is possible via the wonders of modern technology and capable personnel, who can’t wait to get you started and show you tips, increase your knowledge and more.

Once you sign up via our registration form, for either an assessment or your first lesson, you will be greeted by your tutor who will set about trying to establish what it is you need and how best to proceed. Everyone has a different tract and students will not all start on the same page, so to speak. Some may start with reading others with more advanced grammar and others with speaking or something else. It just depends on who you are and what you are aiming to achieve. Some may just want to keep up with Arabic and take those regular lessons in order to brush up, stay fine-tuned or just keep from getting rusty whilst others want a qualification such as a GCSE, A’Level or higher. Some just want to be able to read the Quran which is fine too, as we do that, online and offline.

Get to grips with your Arabic daily basics and join the online Arabic conversation. Lots in store just ask for more. We are a mixed team of admin and supportive tutoring. Do not hesitate to find out what it is we can do for you, in order for your Arabic to go to the next level of understanding and beyond.


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