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Updates July 2022

This is a quick update for July 2022.

There are no major changes.


We shall be continuing lessons throughout the remainder of the holidays. If you have not already done so please let us know of any dates you will be absent for your holidays, this should be done via email.


We would remind anyone who has been a customer, for the required duration, to alert us of your intention to be part of the rewards program. You can sign up via sending an email or by visiting the rewards page and using the form there. If you have already done this we shall apply your free lesson in the next round of monthly lessons.


As some of you may be aware we have two new members of staff, on a part-time basis. An email should have already gone out to you to let you know. Our previous head of admin, Sulayman, shall be returning hopefully by September. Executive tutors will only send out emails, or answer calls using their name, where there is low staffing. Currently our head of administration is Yasmeen.


If you are unable to get through on our number leave a message or use WhatsApp to get in touch. We are always busy, and may not see your call due to being otherwise occupied, so the best option is to send an email, or leave a message.

Updates July 2022