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Dear all, this

This is a short update regarding tuition payment reminders.

Some of the information provided here may also appear in emails that we send you. If you are already aware of this information you are not required to read this, it serves as a reminder only.

We occasionally send out tuition payment reminders for monthly paying clients as well as for those paying on a weekly basis. We may not always be able to send out these reminders so below are some tips for making regular payments.

1. If you know your monthly/weekly quoted amount you should continue to pay this amount, as soon the month or week has completed and all lessons have been taken. All payments are to be made to the same account details as provided for your assessment or first lesson.

2. If you have a rollover payment, because of missing your lesson, then you should deduct one lesson payment (due to the missed lesson) and pay the balance for the remaining tuition days.

3. There are no reminders for monthly standing order payments. A 6 or 12 monthly payment confirmation breakdown is available on request.

4. If you do not receive a payment reminder do not worry, as long as you make a payment on time then all shall be well. Please note that monthly payment of tuition fees shall remain at the reduced amount so long as your monthly payments are made on or before the 1st (first) of each month.

5. Where there are non-payments on or before the first of the month the payments shall revert to the PAYG (Pay As You Go) rate. Please set a reminder for payment in your calendar or phone as a recurring reminder.

Please see earlier emails that we have sent you when you first enquired about tuition for further information on rates or other information regarding payments.

Thank you for your time.

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