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Signing Up For Lessons ?

If you’re signing up for lessons here is some information on our privacy and cookies policy you may wish to know.

We use various tools and technologies in the running of our tutoring business. Of these technologies and tools are some that may just require an email and your name. Other tools will do the same thing but they may also track clicks and opens of emails to let us know if we should not bother you with emails, or if you are interested in continuing to receive our emails.

If you are creating an account with us for the purpose of online tuition then we will need to send you emails on updates, lessons, as well as payment information. The information that you give is only to maintain an up to date account with you, and you shall not receive any other emails outside of what you accept.

There is a handy unsubscribe button within emails which allows you to stop receiving certain types of emails. If you unsubscribe from all lists then you will not be able to receive any of our emails, communication will be difficult, and we may have to stop communications all together if it proves difficult for us to correctly monitor accounts.

With this said we hope that our communications will not be too annoying for you to bear, and if evr it becomes too much you can always et us know first.

By the way on average we send out about 2-3 emails a month.