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Resources for GCSE Arabic

In the next coming weeks and months we shall be pushing out more resources for GCSE Arabic. As a student you will experience some noticeable differences in the way that lessons are delivered.

Resources for GCSE Arabic

We are currently in the process of adding more materials to our bank of Arabic resources. For the moment do remember that you can already access the following resources:

  • Pearson Arabic GCSE specification
  • Past papers, and mock exams
  • Any recommended reading materials and textbooks
  • An Arabic dictionary
  • The Arabic tutor for your lessons and questions
  • Revision of information, and tips given in lessons
  • Arabic vocabulary lists, phrases and sentences
  • Any images, pdfs, and videos used in lessons
  • Your student dashboard, and classwork stream
  • Test scores, and mock exam results to support learning
  • Additional resources given by your tutor
  • Our resources page on the website

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