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May Updates 2023

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May Updates 2023

It’s been a while but here is our latest.

Site updates

You may have noticed a few changes to our site. We hope the changes were speedy enough so as not to cause any disruption. A joint decision was taken to give a spring clean to the site, which lead to a revamp in a couple areas. The reason for this was to maintain a uniform presentation across all sites, and because it’s a sign of good things to come in future.

Self Study Site

The self study site is still under maintenance, as we do not want to rush it and sacrifice quality. Please bear with us, we hope to launch around September 2023, but we are working on an earlier launch date, as early as this summer for a few items.

Speaking Exams GCSE Arabic

Most of you will now have completed your GCSE Arabic speaking exams, with a few remaining students taking theirs in May. We are over now subscribed, as usual, and are not taking any more requests for visiting Arabic examiner this May. Do remember that you still have your listening, reading, and writing exams to complete. Results day will be on the 24th August 2023. Do keep in touch to let us know your grades.

May Bank Holidays

There are three bank holidays in this month of May 2023. Today, next Monday 8th May, and one more at the end of May on the 29th. We shall be open for a three, as with most other holidays. We are only off at set times during the week, an when tutors are request a break.

Summer Lessons

We are offering lessons throughout the summer. If you will be taking a holiday do let us know early, so we know which slots will be available. We shall be continuing our online Quran lessons as well as all other Arabic lessons. We have added another string to our bow, and we now offer AQA. Religious studies, which includes Christianity and Islam, whereas before we only focussed on Islamic studies.

Thanks for your time, and look out for the next update.

If you have any suggestions for us do send us an email or use the contact page.


ADLS Language Team