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This course contains all the elements of the GCSE Arabic but at a much less intensive pace. This course presupposes a basic level of Arabic and is a preparatory level of study for those intending to study at GCSE level.

This course follows the Pearson-Edexcel specification. It uses texts and resources designed around this level of Arabic learning. All of the four language skills as well as grammar are covered.

Learners start with the very most rudimentary language skills. You will settle into easy topics such as the Arabic alphabet, sounds, vowels, other particles, nouns, verbs and simple sentences. 

This Quranic Arabic foundation course takes into consideration the absolute beginner as well as those with previous experience who my be a little rusty and need to brush up on their Quran reading.

If you’re more interested in studying Arabic generally, whether or not it leads to a qualification, then this is the course for you. You shall cover more grammar concepts than at GCSE. 

For those who like their Arabic a little more challenging, whether at Quranic Arabic level or university, this is the course for you. Whichever route you prefer, Quranic or MSA, you will find it very interesting. 

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