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2022 Arabic GCSE TIPS


1. Prepare as early as possible.

2. GCSE Arabic is a real exam so treat it as you would your other GCSE’s and use revision methods that suit you.

3. Going it alone? It’s possible if you have at least 2 years of previous Arabic knowledge where you have been tested and it has been evidenced that you are scoring highly.

4. If you are an Arab student don’t forget that this exam stresses MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) so you will still need the right support to make sure you are using appropriate wording for this GCSE. Don’t think that because you speak Arabic at home that you will score highly in this exam. Local dialects are slightly different than what is being tested at GCSE.

5. As far as what material to use to prepare for this exam you can purchase a copy of an Arabic dictionary as well as the recommended textbook for your level. Availability of past papers is limited on the internet but we have all the old specification papers as well as the new 9-1 specification papers.

6. Need a tutor? Contact us. Our tutor has been doing this for over 10 years, in classrooms and madrasah as well as online and in homes to Arabs and non-Arabs, to teenagers as well as students over 40. He also has experience as an examiner.

Any more tips are available from the tutor for specific papers and skills.