Parent and Student Feedback.

jazakallakhair for your support throughout the year, I will definitely be recommending your services to other parents inshaallah.

Umm Ruqeyah | East London





I am sorry for the delay in getting in touch as I had a few issues to sort out…Qadr Allah mashafa’al.

Attached is the result in details…


Jazakhallah khayran for your help.

Umm Kaleem | East London




We are delighted to confirm that Emilia  was awarded a Grade 4 ( the much desired grade C).

Melanie | Parent of 2019 Foundation Tier English Student




Thank you sir for helping me in my exam, my parents are happy with my grade 4 pass…

Zaid | Foundation Tier Student




Due to exam cancellations, this year, there shall not be any exam result testimonials for 2020. We shall post the odd one or two testimonials for 2021 students iA. 

Sarah got an A!.

Mrs Wadham | Blenheim School, Epsom




Assalaamu ‘alaykum
Alhamdulillah Shahaadah got an A* – 100% in reading, listening and writing (didn’t expect that in the latter) and 70/80 for the spoken (A) – which surprised me…

Umm Shahaadah | London




Thank you very much for enquiring, and for your excellent last minute help. I got an A overall in my GCSE Arabic. The breakdown was 56/70, 64/80, 67/70 and 64/80. Thank you very much. You were outstanding – you responded so promptly to my last minute request for help and you were very clear and focused. Please feel free to use any of this as a quote. Best wishes, Judith!.

Judith | North London




Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I got an A* overall! Thank you ?


Arwa | Queensgate School, South Kensington, London