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London, surrounding areas and the rest of the U.K.

Pearson-Edexcel Speaking paper, GCSE Arabic Examiner for hire. Visiting Schools in and around London and the surrounding areas. Although based in London we serve a very large area of the UK and often travel outside of London. We have travelled as far as Bury St Edmunds for speaking exams. If you know of any local schools requiring a GCSE Arabic Examiner, for the Pearson-Edexcel board speaking paper, please share our contact details.

We have years of experience with the old GCSE Arabic specification and we have started to visit schools and centres, since 2019 for the new 9-1 Arabic GCSE exam.

What we offer:

  • Marking of Mock Papers (listening, reading and writing).
  • Preparation Lessons Prior to Exam, Online or in School.
  • School Visits between mid-March and mid-May for Unit 2.
  • We can tell you how ready your students are and predicted grade.
  • We can help support after School Arabic clubs.
  • We have a list of many schools that we have visited.
  • Our examiner is equipped with the necessary materials. 

Arabic Examiner GCSE