Frequently Asked Questions 

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Any GCSE Arabic Resources?

GCSE Arabic Resources

Yes, we have a selection of GCSE Arabic resources in the blog section of this website under categories. Some of the information and resources are public and others are protected as we use them to test our GCSE students. 

Do you teach 9-1 GCSE Arabic?

9-1 GCSE Arabic

Yes, we teach all four units, reading, writing, listening and speaking. We also give attention to grammar concepts. We use Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for our Arabic classes.

Can you provide an external visiting examiner to schools?

Visiting Examiner

Yes, for the Pearson-Edexcel GCSE Arabic speaking unit. We are available to schools in and outside of London. When we are visiting schools we are less available for daytime tuition.

Do you mark mock papers for 9-1 GCSE Arabic?

Mock Paper Marking

Yes, drop us an email detailing how may candidate papers to be marked. We can let you know whether the candidate is suitable for foundation or higher tier and provide a guide to potential grade. We can physically pick up as well as drop off the papers or it can be done over email.

Do you teach in schools?

School Lessons

Yes, we have taught in several schools and academies in London. This is usually during March-April in the run-up before the exam. We have a number of schools that call us back each year, so book early.

Do you offer online lessons?

Online Lessons

Yes, we have been offering online lessons for years via Skype and WhatsApp. You are free to use other software such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. We are available mornings, afternoons and evenings, no matter your age.

Do you cover my local area?

Lessons in UK & Abroad

Yes, we cover all locations in the UK and abroad via Skype or other platform. If you are local to us or we have a tutor in your area then we can provide a tutor to your locality.

Can I get cheap lessons for my budget?

Budget Lessons

There is no harm in asking and letting us know how much you can afford. We may be able to offer temporary reductions at certain times of the year, for new clients. 

I need a Quran tutor.

Quran & Tajweed Lessons

We do Quranic Arabic online and at home. We have been doing Quranic Arabic lessons for a long time.  

Do you offer translation/translator services?

Translation & Translator

Yes, we do. Drop us a line detailing the translation project. Pricing quote for translation work will be sent via email. Pricing will depend on the scope of the project.

Do you need tutors? I am looking for tutoring work.

Tutoring Work

Yes, we are always looking for tutors for clients that contact us. Whatever you tutor Arabic, English or Maths just drop us a line.