Arabic GCSE


arabic COURSE


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). 

Course Type: 2017 Pearson-Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Specification.

Level 2: GCSE (Foundation & Higher).

ADLS Lesson Code: AOL-04

Location: Online or at your home or your school.

START: Anytime/Flexible. Normally September-January.

Registration: FREE.

Placement fee: None.

Course Duration: Dependent on circumstances.


Anyone with a background in Arabic, ideally 2 years.

Arabic GCSE Tutor: 

Registered, Experienced Arabic GCSE tutor support.



1) Initial online assessment with a tutor (Optional).

2) Ongoing testing throughout the course.

3) End of course assessment is by final examination.

Awarding body: Pearson-Edexcel Certification.

Not Prepared?: 

Try pre-GCSE Arabic/KS3 lessons.

The New 9-1 GCSE Arabic Weighing (2017 Spec):

25% Each Paper.

The New 9-1 GCSE Arabic Tiers (2017 Spec):

1) Higher Tier up to grade 9.
2) Foundation Tier up to grade 5.

2017 Specification Themes

1. Identity and culture.

2. Local Area, holiday and travel.

3. School.

4. Future Aspirations, study and work.

5. International and global dimension.

2017 Speaking Paper

Foundation 7-9 minutes.

Higher 10-12 minutes.

Part 1. Role Play.

Part 2. Picture Based Discussion.

Part 3. Two Conversations.

2017 Listening Paper

Foundation: 35 minutes + 5

Higher: 45 minutes + 5

Both listening paper tiers have a section A and B. Instructions are in Arabic and English.

2017 Reading Paper

Foundation: 50 minutes.

Higher: 65 minutes.

Each tier has sections A, B and C.

2017 Writing Paper

Foundation: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Three open response questions and one translation from English to Arabic.

Higher: 1 hour 25 minutes.

Two open response questions and one translation from English to Arabic.

No dictionary allowed in the new 2017 specification.

2017 Unit Codes: Higher/Foundation.

1) Listening – 1AA0/01

2) Speaking – 1AA0/02

3) Reading – 1AA0/03

4) Writing – 1AA0/04

Disclaimer: The information about the GCSE Arabic course, as detailed above, was correct at the time of publication. This information is subject to change either by Pearson or ADLS Arabic. Updates available via our Facebook page click here.

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