ADLS Language




An online Arabic language course for non-native speakers and beginners. An Arabic course as basic as they come. 

No prior knowledge or experience required. 

• Online accessibility for distance learning but also available at home.


Learners start with the very most rudimentary language skills. You will settle into easy topics such as the Arabic alphabet, sounds, vowels, other particles, nouns, verbs and simple sentences. 

This course is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. 

• Home-schooling

• Online tuition

Duration is approximately 9 months, depending on ability.

We are available during the summer holidays, as well as weekends, and evenings. You are free to start the course whenever you like.

Take as many lessons as you like to get where you need to. 

There are several follow up courses, you may wish to start GCSE Arabic, or another suitable level of study. 

For more information see the courses page, or get in touch.