ADLS Language




If you are able to take on most, if not all tasks and tests at GCSE and intermediate Quranic level then you may want to further your Arabic education with a slightly more challenging course, such as this.

• Advanced Quranic Arabic

• AS/A level Arabic

Evidence of previous Arabic knowledge required to intermediate level. 

• Online accessibility for distance learning.

• Your preferred textbook or teacher’s choice of textbook.


Depending on whether you opt for AS/A level or Advanced Quranic Arabic the courses cover.

Covers word identification and further vocabulary acquisition.



other comprehension tasks, and texts suited to this level of study.

This course is suitable for teenagers and adults. 

  • Home-schooling
  • Online lessons
  • University students 

An assessment shall determine your suitability for this level of study.

Duration is approximately 9 months, depending on ability.

We are available during the summer holidays, as well as weekends, and evenings. You are free to start the course whenever you like.

Select your preferred day and time of study.

We currently do not offer a follow up course. You could opt for independent Arabic studies, or find alternative arrangements.

For more information contact us.