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Arabic Lesson Discounts


Discounted fees come around every now and then. This year May 2020 we have rolled out the discounted fees due to the current major health concerns, that has the UK and many countries on lockdown…to an extent.

We hope that during this time everyone is managing to keep themselves, family and loved ones safe, as much as possible, give the unpredictable circumstances.

So seeing as many children and adults will be stuck indoors wondering what to do with themselves, we are offering these discount lessons to help lift some of the time being wasted and also the boredom, that must have set in for some people.

Arabic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, many languages are difficult for different people, but for those who like a bit of Alif Ba this is for you or anyone you know who might need it. See you in our inbox.

By the way, these discounted lessons are for a maximum of four (4) lessons a month and are payable monthly in advance. If you prefer to pay for lessons as and when you want them, for example on a weekly basis, we have the Pay As You Go Option. Ask for more details or any clarification.

Discounts apply to new students and are limited in duration. See the flyer or pricing page for more details.