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Dear reader,

thank you for taking the time to read this short services policy. Not everything written here is fixed and we may be flexible on some terms depending on the circumstances. We are here to work with you so please contact us about any terms or conditions, on this page, that you feel may need amending or altering prior to your application, registration or payment. 

The content of this site, (the “website”), is available to users on the following terms below, whichever way you access the site. The content of this website page ‘’ and ‘the emails’ form the terms of service, conditions and your agreed understanding of the terms of use.

“Us”, “We”, “Our” “Admin” shall mean ADLS Services, ADLS Tuition, also known as ADLS Arabic.

“User” “Client” “Parent” “Student” shall mean the person or company who purchases a service.

“Service” shall mean tuition, lessons, sessions, courses, examiner hire, document translation or other service mentioned on the site pertaining to the Arabic language and any ADLS Arabic offers.

The site is the property of ADLS Arabic Tuition Services. ADLS Services reserves the right to amend or modify the content of this website or terms, without notice. 

This policy outlines the Arabic Daily Language Support terms of understanding and usage. By signing up with and/or utilising any Arabic Daily Language Support service, you agree to accept the following terms hereunder.


  5. PAYG (Pay As You Go)/THE FULL FEE.
  14. REFUNDS.
  18. EXAM GRADES – agree to send us exam results/grades in August



1.1) Marhaba to you all and welcome to learning with Arabic Daily Language Support (aka ADLS Arabic, Arabic Daily Online and ADLS Tuition). As a service provider, we have met and tutored many students over the years and have had many experiences which have brought about the following terms of service. These guidelines are to help and remind parents, students and tutors if ever they need to refer back to them. Apologies for the amount of information hereunder but it is necessary.

1.2) If you are returning to tuition with us after a short break please take a moment to read this information as some things may have changed since you last took lessons. It is the responsibility of everyone using ADLS Arabic to familiarise themselves with matters such as payment due date.

1.3) Please note that due to the number of emails, texts and calls that we receive we are unable to keep or store all unanswered emails or messages. Therefore messages and emails deemed old or unanswered will usually be deleted from our no reply folder. This means that if you do email again we may not have your details on file/in our system and any future correspondence by you will need to be done again, from scratch. This may also be the case if you were formerly a student in previous years.

1.4) As a provider of language education, serving the needs of a variety of people, we operate a non-discriminatory policy. This means that regardless of nationality, colour, gender, non-religious or religious persuasion/denomination this service is open to all. We do not accept physical or verbal abuse or threats, nor mockery, towards people’s faiths, nationalities or tutors, whilst in or outside of any of the tuition locations. We do not accept or tolerate acts or threats of terrorism or violence and any suggestion of such behaviour shall disqualify a person from any further tuition, interaction or service and/or they shall be reported.

1.5) Whilst most private tuition is conducted on a one-to-one basis, couples and groups can usually be accommodated. If you would like tuition but we are not able to offer you an immediate tuition slot, due to being over-subscribed or other reason, we may be able to contact you as soon as a slot becomes available or you can follow our Twitter feed or blog for updates.

1.6) Do let us know if there is anything that you would want to add or remove from these terms of understanding, prior to signing up.

1.7) For services such as Translation, Interpretation, Visiting Examiner Service, Public Speaker and Arabic Lessons at your School please use our contact email or call us.

1.8) What we offer:

Arabic Daily offers a range of language-related services, including language learning and tuition.

  • Basic beginners Arabic or Arabic from Scratch.
  • Intermediate and GCSE Arabic (with or without the exam).
  • Advanced Arabic and AS/A’ Level (with or without exam).
  • Arabic Grammar.
  • Qur’anic Arabic to all levels (plus Hifdh and Tajweed rules).
  • Islam and Alkhlaaq lessons tackling social topics.
  • Document Translation.
  • Public Speaking.

The tuition lessons are usually offered either at home, work or online via Zoom, Skype or mobile device and cover reading, writing, listening and speaking, every day of the week and weekends except where mentioned.


It’s not only about 45 or 60 minutes of tutoring time.

Our tuition rates are in line with fairest fees and are competitively priced. Fees are often subject to review/change on a yearly basis, but these changes are minimal. We rarely advertise exact fees on the site due to occasional changes that are often too detailed and may necessitate regular website adjustments, as well as the varying individual and personal circumstances that people have. The best way to find out about exact fees is via email or a phone call. Fees reflect a number of factors most of which are mentioned hereunder.

2.1) The financial overheads of running a business:

  • Business taxes and rates.
  • Business banking transaction charges.
  • Website construction and running costs.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Purchase of stock and equipment.

2.2) Apart from the financial overheads, there are also matters related to behind the scene preparation, such as:

  • Administration and general management.
  • Website-related maintenance and updates.
  • Designing resources, handouts and flyers.
  • Market Research.
  • Printing and filing.

2.3) Last but not least the tutor/s:

  • Tutor time, performance and effort,
  • Tutor’s knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Tutor’s inventiveness and originality.
  • Preparing lesson plans and marking homework.
  • Travel time and costs (where applicable).


Once you know your area of study, preferred day, time, mode of tuition and subject level, you are ready to choose from a range of payment options.

3.1) You can opt to pay using one of the following methods:

  • Monthly block booking (via advance manual bank transfers).
  • Automatic standing order (via set date bank transfers).
  • PAYG (daily or weekly).
  • Cheque payments (from schools and organisations only).
  • PayPal (Usually for those without a UK bank account).
  • Cash deposits into our bank account. We are reluctant to take hand-to-hand cash payments. It is often cheaper to pay monthly in advance.

For UK based client bank transfers/internet banking: 


Account Number: 642 531 47

Sort Code: 60-15-16  

Please put the student name as a reference and not Arabic lessons. 

International clients will require further bank information to make payments or they can choose to pay via Paypal, using our email address or phone number. International bank payments may take a few days to clear. Please be aware that PayPal charges their own fees.

3.2) Advance monthly, block bookings to our bank account, at the beginning/1st of each month is the preferred method of payment for most clients. Automatic bank standing order payments, on the 1st of each month, is preferred by others as it requires less maintenance and reminders. Payments are made on a four-weekly basis for each month, including months with five weeks. Payments are due by midday on the first of each month.

3.3) Please check the total and/or emails before making a payment, some months, like August 2015, have 5 Mondays, whilst other months have only 4. If you are not sure of the correct amount please contact us first. On the other hand, if you are used to paying the same amount each month you do not need to wait for a payment reminder, once lessons have ended for the month you are free to make the next month’s payment.

3.4) There will not usually be lessons on the fifth day if and where the month has 5 Tuesday’s for example.

3.5) Payments are due by midday on the first of the month, at the latest, unless informed otherwise.

3.6) We do not take payments for more than one cycle/month at a time. This means that you understand that lessons are offered on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis only.

3.7) Payments should be made early enough to show up in our account in time for lessons or it could jeopardise lessons or incur the PAYG fee.

3.8) Further payment instruction help is available on the blog under the rates and fees section.


Paying monthly in advance is cheaper than PAYG (Pay as you go).

4.1) Where an offer of tuition has been advertised at a discounted rate unless stated otherwise, these offers will usually only last for a maximum of two months, for example during summer. The same is true for clients who have been offered tuition at a reduced rate via email or phone correspondence. These types of offers are typically made during the summer and usually last until the beginning of September, of the same year. The reduced fee will then default back to the standard rate for that lesson type, as set out in emails unless stated otherwise.

4.2) There are no further reductions available on fees that have already been reduced or discounted. Each year is different from the previous year, and what we might have been able to charge in 2014 is not what we can charge in 2019 and beyond. We realise that not everyone is able to afford tuition but at the same time we have to be able to exist, function and make it worth the tutors time and effort.

5. PAYG (Pay As You Go)/THE FULL FEE.

There are certain instances when this may apply.

5.1) For those who wish to trial how the lessons are run we have a PAYG option.

5.2) The PAYG rate applies to assessments, late fees and one-off lessons.

5.3) The PAYG rate shall apply to lessons that are under 3 lessons per month.

5.4) The PAYG rate is also the full fee.

5.5) You can choose to take one or two lessons a month at the PAYG rate.

5.6) The PAYG rate for weekdays will be less than the PAYG weekend lesson rate. The later the time of a weekend lesson or the further the distance or the longer the lesson duration the more the cost.

5.7) There is no set payment date for PAYG, except that your payment should be sent at least a day before your lesson, payments may seldom be taken on the day.

5.8) One-off/PAYG payments will only secure the day that you pay for and not the same day each week. Individual payments will only guarantee one date/day. Alternative days/slots may be found for future lessons.

5.9) Due to recent problems with PayPal we shall be limiting the amount paid/received via PayPal to one or two lessons at a time. Advance monthly payments are no longer payable via PayPal.


This may be necessary if we have to spend extra time doing any of the following:

6.1) Unless you have informed Arabic Daily, in advance, via email, text, Skype message or in person about making payments for extra lessons, outside of your regular agreed lessons, these overpayments payments may incur an administration charge if it will require refunding it back to your account.

6.2) Please make sure you only pay the stated amount and that the number of lessons has been agreed and that you cancel any standing orders for lessons which will expire/come to an end.

6.3) Where an invoice needs to be re-adjusted if you change the amount.

6.4) Payments made via PayPal come with a default, internal PayPal administration fee. If you do not allow for the PayPal fee, at the time of making your payment, the difference may be charged back to you or deducted from the lesson time. Until we receive the full payment mentioned in the emails, and not partial payment, the charge or a deduction shall take effect.


We cover all areas via online Skype lessons but may not always be able to physically attend every address, due to location or lack of a tutor in that area.

7.1) Most distances/locations, within Croydon, are measured from this postcode point: CR7 6AU – Thornton Heath Pond/Thornton Heath Bus Garage, A23 London Road, Croydon, London, England.

7.2) Due to time and traffic considerations tuition at your home may not apply to the following areas, or parts of these areas, during weekdays and weekends; Peckham, Deptford, Catford, Grove Park, Clapham, Sutton, Morden, Wimbledon, New Malden, Coulsdon, Whyteleafe, Bickley, West Wickham, Bromley (BR8, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR2, BR1) and New Addington. This does not mean that we do not travel to these areas, or longer distances, it is down to tutor availability in these areas, lesson duration and affordability. Please inquire to confirm.

7.3) Tuition at home and home-schooling are booked and paid for in advance. You can choose to ‘Pay As You Go’ or monthly in advance. Home visits take time journeying to and from as well as the actual lesson time.

7.4) In the event we have to move we shall update our new location status via Twitter and/or Facebook.


Taking an assessment not only allows the tutor to assess your needs and requirements but also allows you an introductory impression of what you may be likely to expect from future lessons.

8.1) The majority of our assessment lessons take place from June to August. The remainder of the assessments takes place at any time during the year. These assessments vary in time but typically last between 30 and 45 minutes, but may go over time depending on ability, knowledge or tutor’s need. Generally speaking the less knowledge and ability the lesser the duration.

8.2) Assessments may be offered at a higher rate than the advanced lesson fees, as they are counted as one-off sessions. We do offer limited free assessments for Quranic Arabic, of 15 minutes.

8.3) For assessments at home, which are some distance away, from the postcode above, you will usually be asked to pay in advance for a tutor to attend your location.

8.4) We cannot reserve or guarantee slots, whether for an assessment or a lesson if you do not answer correspondence or if you delay or if you postpone or have not made a payment. Any offer of an assessment, and the like, is no guarantee of an assessment and will expire if you do not reply within an acceptable time frame of seven days. Assessment and lesson slots are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

8.5) In some instances you will be able to proceed with lessons without an assessment, depending on the circumstances. An assessment may not always be required.

8.6) The assessment or introductory lesson fee may vary depending on whether it is online or at home, in the daytime or late evening, at peak or off-peak periods of the year, distance and so forth.

8.7) Due to previous experiences we are unable to offer free assessments. Any such reference to free assessments by previous students or old posts/pages on this site should be disregarded, except in the case of 15 minute online Quranic Arabic lessons.

8.8) A missed assessment or cancelled assessment, without sufficient advance notice, as mentioned below in Notice and Cancellations section, is treated the same as a missed or cancelled lesson.

8.9) We endeavour to arrange an assessment, time and day, that will fit with you and your tutor’s schedule. This is done prior to any payment for an assessment. If, after payment for an assessment, you break a 1st appointment time but we are able to offer you an alternative 2nd appointment which you also break you risk losing your holding payment and it shall become non-refundable. Please make sure that the day you have chosen is free for an assessment or weekly lesson.

8.10) Payment for an assessment or lesson should not be too distant from the lesson or assessment date and vice versa.

8.11) If we are not able to offer you an assessment or a tuition slot straight away, you may be required to wait whilst we arrange one for you. This may mean being placed on a waiting list.


This is important for all students to read.

9.1) Do try to establish a connection via Skype prior to your appointment to rectify any issues regarding sound, change of device or just making sure you are connected so as to save time and hassle on the day of your lesson. You will need to first create a Skype account if you do not currently have one.

9.2) At the beginning of each lesson, or slightly before, you should send a Skype text message to tell your tutor that you are present and ready to begin or that you will be ready in a short while. If you delay or are late your lesson will not usually be extended or go overtime to make up for the time missed at the beginning. Each student is given an allocated slot and no preferential treatment should apply. Where there is a no show/no message, from a student, lessons are automatically cancelled after 15 minutes, as tutors will not usually wait beyond that time. Please do not just sit at your computer and not message until much time has elapsed, it is your time and responsibility also. Remember to keep your Skype profile ‘green’ to show that you are online and not ‘away’. If you have a reason for not keeping it on ‘green’ do let the tutor know.

9.3) Please be respectful to your tutors so that they continue to be respectful to you. If your parent is paying for your lesson and you are grumpy about doing the lessons please speak to your parents or the tutor straight away, that way any issues you have may be resolved. It is better to get these things out of the way at the beginning rather than to have each lesson spoiled. Remember tutors are not obliged to tutor and can withdraw service for reasons such as improper behaviour, continued giggling or tomfoolery, so if you have siblings or anyone distracting you it is up to you to deal with the distractions. Once a lesson has begun and has been cancelled for any such reason then there shall be no refund.

9.4) Your laptop or iPad should be on a flat or stable surface. Lessons in bed or other shaky surfaces can affect the quality of sound, as movement can be heard through the mic, even when you may not hear it.

9.5) Other distracting sounds include young children or family members in the background, noisy pets such as tweeting birds, barking dogs, a TV left on or an open window near to a busy main street. If you are able to move your computer to a quieter place please do so before the lesson starts. Please be considerate and mindful that if your child has to use a computer in the kitchen or living room any background conversation should be kept to a minimum so as not to distract tutor or student. Deciding to put on a noisy washing machine, hoover or wash-ups plates may not be appropriate at the time someone is having a lesson. Students may also have to concentrate more on past paper mock tests such as listening material.

9.6) Having snacks at the time of lessons not only affects your focus, speech and pronunciation of words/letters but eating sounds are likely to be picked up by the microphone. It is also not good manners. If your tuition falls around the time that you have your meals please see if you can either move the lesson or alter the time when you have that particular meal. Otherwise, if it is unavoidable then you may have to mute your mic and this may slow down the lesson, which in turn may be too off-putting for the tutor.

9.7) If you do not have a headset or external mic you will need to be very close to the mic on your computer. If you do not have a computer but only use a mobile phone this may be problematic for some sessions that do require you to have access to a larger computer screen.

9.8) Reception and signal quality may vary and depends on broadband speed, your location and the number of users using software such as Skype at any given time. Any dropped calls, as a result of minor reception issues, usually reconnect within seconds. You may need to reboot Skype for other connection problems. We are unable to keep rescheduling if your reception cuts out or if there are repeated blockades/restrictions on the internet in your country. You should contact us as soon as you can to let us know the situation as your payment may not be refunded. We may need to cancel if it happens on a weekly basis, for long periods of time, at the same time.

9.9) If you do not do the set homework, or send homework that is given, you may be required to either send the homework during the lesson or complete the homework during the lesson, both of which take up valuable lesson time. If you are not doing regular Arabic homework then you are doing little to improve your Arabic language skills. Taking one online lesson/class a week may not help if it is not coupled with homework, revision and substantial regular self-study. Try to log the work that you are doing in private.

9.10) If you are using a mobile device, such as a phone or an iPad, please make sure that you have enough battery/charge to see you through the lesson or have the device connected to a charger or have the charger nearby. Otherwise, the lesson will be cut off/disrupted, due to an insufficient battery, and you may waste time searching for a charger if it is not close by.

9.11) Always ask your tutor questions about matters relating to lessons. This could be about homework, the lesson itself or material you may be reading or studying as well as questions relating to exams.

9.12) Do remember to put dates, page reference and titles for each time you add new work to your exercise book. It makes it easier to find as well as see when you did that particular topic. This could be whenever writing or copying work or words into your exercise book from a textbook, pdf or for any new words. Separate work/pages so that you have a vocabulary list page a prepositions page, weather words page etc and do not jumble everything up together. Always put translations for any Arabic words that you write down.

9.13) As standard you should put your name and the date that you did the work on any/every writing homework that you are given. The tutor/s have quite a few student’s homework to mark and if your name is not clearly written on the work it may take longer to establish who the work belongs to.

9.14) Default homework – Be sure to do homework outside of your lesson, there is always default homework. Even if your tutor forgets to give homework or is absent you still have something you could be doing to improve your Arabic. You can revise any previous work or vocabulary, read ahead in your textbook, practice your speaking, practice your writing by copying a text, listening to appropriate MSA audio material. It is not all about your weekly online lessons. The lessons serve as a guide so you know what to continue to get on with outside of the tutor lessons. Use multiple sources that employ various learning styles.

9.15) See the tuition checklist, available on the blog.


Be prepared for your lessons, it gives a better impression. If you’re a beginner it’s not a big issue but if you have been taking lessons for a while then this is standard.

10.1) Clients/Students are expected to provide their own writing materials, exercise and textbooks. Any requests for the tutor to purchase materials or books may include a travel and delivery charge.

10.2) All writing materials, exercise books, textbooks and dictionaries should be prepared and ready by the time the tutor arrives or by the time lesson is due to begin to avoid time wasted looking for books, pens, homework etc.


We all like to eat but sometimes it may not always be appropriate to do this, such as when you’re trying to teach.

11.1) Your tutor thanks you in advance for your kind offers of food when visiting your home but such offers may not be accepted. Your tutor may occasionally accept juice or water. Your tutor intends no offence but offers of food etc may be declined to maintain minimal distraction during lessons.

11.2) As much as your tutor may also love to indulge in long conversation this is often more appropriate before or after lessons, depending on time and commitments. This is also to avoid being late for other clients who may be expecting tuition afterwards or having a knock-on effect on your own family plans and appointments.


Dear parents and guardians tutors are not babysitters.

12.1) Your tutor cannot be held responsible for childminding, guarding a house and/or household effects, during tutoring. It is the responsibility of the family and/or nominee to ensure that a responsible adult is on the premises at all times.


What if you or your tutor have to cancel?

13.1) We do not require a 48-hour, 24-hours or even a 12-hour notice of lesson cancellation, although the more advance notice that is given the better, this will enable us to offer someone else the vacant slot.

13.2) Lessons can sometimes be rescheduled, at no cost to you, if a minimum of just 6 hours notice is given — We appreciate the fact that urgent matters crop up from time to time. An early email, call or text message, to the tutor’s phone or our Skype or email clarifying the reason will suffice when making a cancellation. Please be aware that if you do send a late notification the tutor/we may, on occasion, not be able to see or respond to your message or answer your call due to being in a lesson. Therefore the tutor will be unlikely to acknowledge or confirm receipt of any messages. Often tutors may need to put phones on silent.

13.3) Unless sufficient advance notice is given confirming your lesson cancellation, or unavailability, a cancellation charge will apply at the rate of the lesson cancelled or missed. A doorstep cancellation or cancellation shortly before a tutor is due to arrive/start a lesson will not count as sufficient advance notice. Unless you or your child lets you or us know that they will be late/delayed or have been inconvenienced the lesson shall be cancelled after 15 minutes for online lessons. If you cancel a lesson for home tuition and the tutor has already prepared themselves, left home and boarded transport then the lesson fee shall become due.

13.4) As an online, or advance paying, client if you had paid for a lesson and gave notice confirming the cancellation, but no suitable date or time could be found/rescheduled for a replacement lesson, in that current tuition/payment cycle, you have the alternative of making the payment roll-over to the following month. This means that your next payment will be less one lesson payment, as it is shall be owing.

13.5) For permanent cancellations please provide sufficient advanced notice of at least one week, with an end date, to your tutor’s contact details and our email address.

13.6) ADLS Arabic AND/OR the Tutor reserve the right to cancel AND withdraw any express and implied right to tuition at any time without notice, where fit, although notice shall usually be given.

13.7) For clients in receipt of home tuition your tutor will usually send a text to let you know he/she is on route or is outside. They may also send a text during or after the lesson to confirm attendance for verification purposes if need be. This will also be the same for any cancellations or delays.

13.8) If you have home tuition please be ready for the tutor to turn up. If you are likely to be busy at the time the tutor arrives let another family member know that they should look out for/expect the tutor. Tutors are unlikely to wait long in the rain, heat or cold. Tutors are also unlikely to wait for longer than is customary. It is sufficient for a tutor to turn up, buzz/knock on the door and text to let you know that the tutor has arrived. Once the tutor leaves to get a bus or drives off the lesson will usually be deemed cancelled, especially if the tutor is then stuck in traffic making it difficult to return if you do call back.

13.9) Our apologies in advance for those who live and study outside of the UK and who take lessons online and who are affected by the UK time changes in March and October. We shall try, as much as is possible, to accommodate any difference in the time that you have your online lesson. If you are unable to keep the specified UK time, when you were having your lesson, we hope to find an acceptable alternative time or day.


Can I get a refund?

14.1) Refunds for clients using standing orders, manual bank payments and advance bank transfers, will be refunded back into your account.

14.2) If you have taken an assessment and then paid for your course of 3 or more lessons, you have until 7 hours before the next scheduled (and not a rescheduled lesson) is due to cancel further lessons. 

14.3) There shall be a full refund of the whole amount paid if the client changes their mind before accessing a service, and on receipt of a cancellation email, at least 7 hours prior to the service due time, and where a service had not been rolled over or cancelled due to client error. 

14.4) There shall be a full refund if a client decides before accessing a monthly cycle/course of lessons that they wish to cancel, and on receipt of a cancellation email, at least 7 hours prior to the service due time, and where a service had not been rolled over or cancelled due to client error. 

14.5) There shall be an automatic refund entitlement for the full amount paid if we are unable to commence your lesson/s or the service requested.

14.6) Accessing a service shall mean accessing our SKYPE ID, Zoom or other platform used for the purpose of delivering lessons. 

14.7) Where found or notified, tutors reserve the right to terminate, without refund, any lesson/s where criminal, deceptive, rude or other unacceptable behaviour is displayed by the student/s, or other individual/s, including parents. This is regardless of whether this takes place within or outside of the tuition settings or during lessons or via email. This is left to tutor and admin discretion to decide in such instances.

14.8) Sometimes more lessons are paid for than are actually needed, especially just before exams. If you have a UK bank account refunds will be easy as long as you provide details for the refund. Some clients have not always known how to set up their PayPal to receive money and this has caused delays in the past. For this reason, we are forced to limit the number of lessons paid for via PayPal so as not to run into any issues.

14.9) Refunds may not always be as instant as you wish but please bear with us, we have a reliable refund record.

14.10) To avoid issues with refunds you can opt to PAYG (Pay As You Go) or rather than paying monthly you can decide to pay fortnightly, these will be at the PAYG rate.

14.11) This section on refunds is very important. If you decide to cancel without clear, decisive information as to last lesson date or if tuition/payment cycle enters into a new month or if you delay in responding to text/email or lead us to believe that you may still be continuing with lessons then a refund shall not be given. Please consider the alternative options, such as paying for lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis instead of monthly.

14.12) If we keep a refund this is because of the reasons above but also because when you buy a lesson or block of lessons it means that no one else can now have that slot/time as it has become unavailable/sold. It is difficult in the event of a cancellation to try and re-sell/offer out that slot at short notice.

14.13) If you are unhappy with a non-refund we may still be able to offer you or a friend the lessons as an alternative or perhaps you can sell the lesson on to a friend. We hardly ever need to make a refund but where it is necessary we shall attempt a refund, depending on the circumstances.

14.14) As at 14.5 if paying via Paypal you may need to limit the amount of funds you pay so as to avoid issues with refunding via Paypal if your Paypal is not set up correctly to receive funds or you do not have an alternative Paypal account such as a friend. In the event that we need to attempt refunds and expenses are incurred by us, such as bank charges, Paypal charges or travel expenses these shall be reflected in the amount due.

14.15) If you do not follow our instructions, at any stage of the application process, or you delay in following our instructions and then a lesson has to be cancelled or rolled over there shall not be a refund in such instances.

There shall not usually be a refund on PAYG daily payments cancelled within a few (three) hours prior to lessons.


Avoid late payments so as to avoid defaulting to the PAYG rate.

15.1) Although lesson and payment reminders may occasionally be sent out this remains the primary responsibility of clients in receipt of lessons. Please set up a regular lesson and/or payment reminder. If your payments do not differ, from month to month, please continue to pay the same amount. If there will be a missed lesson or a rollover is due, please make the adjustment to reflect the difference.

15.2) Late payments are payable at the PAYG rate which is the default full rate. To continue to benefit from reduced fees please make your monthly payments on time. If you prefer to make payments a day or two before your lesson is due, or on the day of your lesson, please ask to be taken off the reduced payment plan.

15.3) Tutors reserve the right to defer, rollover, refuse or discontinue tuition for late or non-payment of fees. Payment of fees are checked at particular times and staff will not keep checking for your payment after the deadline for payment has passed, it will automatically be classed as late, no matter the reason. This is so that tutors know in advance who they will be tutoring and so they can make plans to that effect. This may mean finding someone else to fill the unpaid slot.

15.4) A late payment is any payment that is made either on the day tuition is due or after the due payment date, which is usually outlined in emails. If no date is given in later emails please check earlier ones as we do not always repeat this information in every payment reminder. This information is also available in the terms of understanding. Where a payment date is not specified or you cannot find it the default date shall be as mentioned above in section 2 of these terms of understanding. Payments are due by midday on the first of each month.

15.5) The beginning of the month shall mean that payments can be made from the time your last lesson, for the month, has ended or the last date of the month until and no later than on the 1st of the following month.

15.6) To avoid waiting for payments to clear or show up in the account please make payments in time. Unless payment shows at our end the lesson cannot go ahead and we are not able to keep checking/waiting if you have made a late payment.


What if you or the tutor has to miss a lesson?

16.1) Rollovers will be put forward to the following month for any missed lesson/s.

16.2) If you had cancelled a lesson or were not able to take a lesson due to another appointment, or a change of day for your lesson, you should see to it that you take the rollover within the following month or reschedule in the same month of the cancellation as there will not be any refund on your payment.

16.3) Rollover payments/lessons are not held or rolled over indefinitely and need to be taken before the end of the month or the following month.

16.4) Where the tutor had to cancel a lesson, in a previous month, which meant that the lesson had to be rolled over, to the following month, the remaining lesson should be taken in that following month.


What days are you not available to tutor?

17.1) Please inform of any upcoming travel arrangements well in advance.

17.2) Private tuition may either not be available or may be scaled back throughout the days of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha (at the end of the month of Ramadhan and during the month of Dhul Hijah) or the beginning of the Islamic New Year.

17.3) There may also be limited tuition/tutor availability during mid-March to mid-June when students will need extra help with GCSE Arabic exam preparation.

17.4) Tuition services may often continue during summer holidays, bank holidays, Easter and Christmas but the tutor may often require a break during these times as do many students. Please seek confirmation so that you are not charged for a lesson which you thought may not take place.

17.5) Unless you are informed otherwise, or unless you clarify with us in advance about your unavailability during these times of the year, lessons are expected to take place on these days.

17.6) We do not charge for tuition cancelled due to extremely bad weather. Payments can either be carried forward, to the following week/month or be refunded.

17.7) You will be kept informed of any other absences in advance. In the event of any disruption to service due to personal, family or work-related reasons or due to traffic or similar delays it is the responsibility of tutee, as well as the tutor, to keep the other party informed and updated regarding such delays and offer an alternative arrangement if possible.


What is the agreement between Arabic Daily, your tutor, student and parent/client?

18.1) Lessons are subject to a trial period where client and tutor decide whether they will continue with said lessons. The trial period is usually up to a one month period after which lessons are given on a monthly rolling basis. Both tutor and client are free to cancel within the aforementioned trial window or at any other stage, after the trial period, if they see fit. Lessons are not continued on an indefinite or permanent basis.

18.2) These terms of understanding are an agreement which you accept by means of payment/s and continued lessons. Any offer of tuition is given in the knowledge that you consent and agree to our terms of service, whether the consent or agreement is expressed or implied. Reference to the terms of understanding is placed within emails as well as on our Twitter feed, Facebook page and the pages of this website.

18.3) The student agrees to attend/be present for lessons and do/complete any homework given by the tutor and to full-fill the requirements listed and mentioned in these terms of understanding, whilst in the tuition settings.

18.4) The parent, guardian, owner or other relation who is responsible for the application process, payment and contact agree to make prompt payment, update the tutor/Arabic Daily staff of absences in advance and to full-fill the requirements, where applicable, of these terms of service listed and mentioned above.

18.5) Consent is your willingness and your permission to undertake tuition with Arabic Daily via your communications and your acceptance to pay for the service provided. Continued renewal of payment shall mean continued consent, for the duration of the payment period or month. If you have other consenting or non-consenting arrangements please let us know in writing/email only.

18.6) Agreement is your express or implied acceptance of our terms of understanding, as mentioned and listed above in this document, via your application and manner as well as your non-refusal to comply with any parts of our terms of understanding whenever or wherever they are mentioned, highlighted or referred to. Any non-compliance or refusal to agree to a condition, within this policy, should be made via email/writing only.

18.7) A signature will not be required by the parent, guardian or owner for the purpose of consent and agreement in order to perform under these terms of understanding. Your application and communications via email, text message and the like, your willingness to participate, your invitation of a tutor into your home or the answering or making of a Skype call, your permission for your child or yourself to be tutored, your acceptance to pay for the service, your continued manner whether in silence, action or voice as well as your non-refusal of our terms of service either in whole or part is seen and taken as your consent, your agreement and your understanding.

18.8) The terms of service start with the above 1. PREAMBLE, under the heading of this website page, and end at 20.3 CHANGES AND UPDATES on this same page of this website page Permalink: Links to this page are contained within each email that is sent out from the ADLS Arabic email address which you contact, receive emails from and reply to.

18.9) The terms of understanding for schools and organisations may differ slightly in some areas but most terms mentioned in this online document may still apply. 

18.10) For schools and organisations an email or/and the invoice shall detail payment arrangements.

18.11) That said, the agreement between us/ADLS Arabic and the private client tuition is not entered into, nor is this memorandum written as a formal or legal agreement, and shall not be subject to legal jurisdiction in the law Courts either in England, the United States or elsewhere, but it is only a definite expression and record of the purpose and intention of the two parties concerned, to which they honourably pledge themselves with the fullest confidence – based on past business with each-other-that it will be carried through by each of the two parties with mutual loyalty and friendly co-operation. [1925] AC455


Rejection of responsibility.

19.1) Private tuition serves as an excellent aid to study but private tuition is not a substitute for specific homework or revision, which remains the responsibility of the student. We understand that students may often have other homework and revision but these should be organised, as much as possible, in such a way as not to adversely affect your lessons with us, whether Arabic or Quranic learning.

19.2) ADLS Arabic and your tutor can provide Arabic and Quranic Arabic students with the resources, learning, support, tutoring and encouragement necessary to succeed but ADLS Arabic and your tutor accepts no responsibility for an individual failing to achieve targets or expected grades. We make no such promise or guarantee of expectation and any notion of promise or guarantee, either expressed or imagined is hereby rescinded, null and void.

19.3) It remains the duty of the student and parent/guardian to monitor and evidence homework with dates of work and to make sure this is sent to the tutor via email or Skype to further evidence proof of homework. The tutor cannot physically be there to see and make sure that homework is being done or to see that the student is spending the required time revising the specific Arabic or Quranic homework.

19.4) ADLS Arabic shall inform you of upcoming GCSE Arabic exam dates but it is your responsibility to contact your school or centre to let them know of your exam intentions and book your place on the exam.

19.5) ADLS Arabic and tutors are not responsible for a students home environment, homework and revision schedule, attitude, motivation, learning ability or the lack thereof. Self-motivation, interest, hope and hard work are key with anything in order to gain a proper understanding. Within schools, children may or may not like their form tutors or teachers but that should not be an excuse to stop them from performing as they are supposed to.

19.6) One 45-minute or 60-minute lesson per week may not be sufficient or enough time to devote to learning a language, especially for a beginner. The more time you put into learning a language, whether online with a tutor/s or in the privacy of your own home, the better the results. We recommend taking at least two lessons per week, especially in the run-up to the GCSE Arabic exam. Taking two lessons per week just before the exam may not be enough, it needs to be done over a long period of time. If you are not able to afford to take two lessons per week we suggest working by yourself outside of your online lessons for 2-3 hours per week, whilst using the tutor as a guide.

19.7) The information and content displayed on this website comprise language service advertisements. Every care has been taken in preparing these particulars, posts and pages but complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

19.8) The Pearson-Edexcel GCSE Arabic, 2009 and 2017 specifications and the exam should be given the same importance in terms of study and preparation as you would any other GCSE lesson at school. The 2017 specification is a new specification with different expectations and a changed exam paper format. ADLS Arabic takes no responsibility for changes to a specification, mark scheme, exam score or other Pearson-Edexcel related updates.

19.9) Please follow our instructions and suggestions where communicated in an email or another medium, as if there is an error, delay or misunderstanding on your part it could affect any refund.

19.10 Your application and registration for a place on our courses is not a guarantee of a slot or position. All slots and offers are subject to availability.

19.11) Should you have a complaint please let ADLS Arabic know in writing to our email available on the contact page.


In life, things often change and the same may happen with tuition and the terms of understanding.

20.1) We try to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date and we endeavour to be prompt and reliable. However, some changes, for example to programmes, sessions, structure, courses, slots, availability, facilities or fees may become necessary at short notice due to legitimate staffing, organisational, financial, academic or regulatory reasons.

20.2) In such circumstances ADLS Arabic will, where possible: 1. endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum; 2. take reasonable steps to minimise disruption to students; and 3. Keep students, parents, teachers or schools informed by email or other communication where necessary. If parents, students, teachers or other parties/persons require further information or confirmation of any matter they should contact the Arabic Daily Support Team using the contact page.

20.3) Please note: The above terms of understanding, on this website, is the most current and updated version of our terms of understanding and all reference should be made to this document/copy. This information may also be updated from time to time to meet with unforeseen circumstances or to further clarify something that may have been unclear. The information provided in these terms of service is correct at the time of publication. Please contact us via email for any other information regarding lessons, anything advertised on this site or another site, leaflet etc for confirmation.

Previous Update: May 2018 – Latest Update: November 2019 (@ section 9, to include; keeping skype profile on green).

Thank you for taking the time to read and go through these terms of understanding, our apologies for any typos. We occasionally review this information in an attempt to reduce any errors.

Good luck with your learning and thank you in advance for your co-operation, time, efforts and understanding.

ADLS Services Team

Community Language Support

Please note: When printed this document is approximately 18-pages. You can save it as a pdf for your reference.